My first post!!!!

I said I was going to do it….so I did. I’m joining the ranks of those other clever bloggers who review young adult books! Although I can assure you, I am probably far less clever than the other bloggers. I just read so much growing up, that I thought it can’t hurt to have another voice in this little universe. If I’m lucky I will even add something to the mix.

My teen years were pretty unhappy. Not for any particular reason, I had a good family and many great friends. I just really loathed being an adolescent. My absolute favorite thing about being a teenager was all the time I got to read. Now I have a job, I have a husband, I have a mortgage, student loans and a car payment, and I have a son, currently 22 months old. I don’t have a lot of time to read for pleasure. Still, I wouldn’t trade being an adult for being a teenager for a million bucks!

So I went to the used book store to start off my blog. First up will be the classic Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret by Judy Blume. I managed to pick up several excellent choices to get this blog started right! My plan was to be totally snarky about the books, but once I got to the used book store, I started feeling all nostalgic about the books. Can I really be snarky about something I have such fond memories of? Can I really snark Judy Blume, one of my heroes? I guess we’ll have to wait and see…..

If you have any ideas of books that you really want me to review, don’t hesitate to ask! Also, I seem to remember a series of teen books about four roommates at an all-girls boarding school, who write letters to the boys at the all boys boarding school in the same town. Anyone remember the name of the series and the author? I totally want to find those books!

Thanks for reading! I love comments!


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6 Responses to My first post!!!!

  1. Kevin says:

    A Wrinkle in Time, Bunnicula, maybe Watership Down?

  2. colleenn says:

    yay! Can’t wait to read your “Margaret” post… of course work is crazy-busy today and I’ll need to put it off until our deadline is over, but I’m looking forward to it. 🙂 I also read a lot as a kid, so I can’t get enough of these blogs.

  3. how about the borrowers series? I’ve never seen anybody blog on those. the Green Knowe series by LM Boston is good too

  4. Lauren says:

    You’re thinking of the Pen Pals series by Sharon Wyeth – I have several of them, I remember really hating all of the girls!and yay for another YA blog! These amuse me like nothing else.

  5. nikki says:

    Excellent! Thanks, Lauren. I will try to locate some of the Pen Pals series and blog on those 🙂

  6. elli0t081 says:

    So I found your page yesterday upon doing a Google search for “Tallahassee Higgins” and was delighted to discover it was a review of one of my favourite YA books. I have since read ALL of your entries now, and enjoyed the snarking trip down memory lane. I too was a bookworm growing up, and read about 80% of the books you shared.

    If you take suggestions, which I hope that you do, it would be awesome sauce of you to review The Victoria Martin books by Francine Pascal. They were a trio of books, from the POV of our protagonist heroine Victoria Martin, chronicling her misadventures as she blossomed from aged 14 to aged 16.

    1st book: “Hangin’ Out With Cici or My Mother Was Never a Kid” (fun fact: the original name of the book was just “Hangin’ Out With Cici”. ABC apparently turned it into an afterschool special entitled: “My Mother Was Never a Kid”. I was too young for the show, and or lived in Canada where it was never broadcast. I’ve since watched it online, and wished that it had been part of my tv viewing growing up. The rebranding of the book, published it by the same name as the show, but my copy has both titles.)
    Brief synopsis: Victoria is always getting into mischief. She pulls a prank at school, which lands her in trouble there and of course grounded at home. Her Mother begrudgingly allows her to take the train and spend a weekend at her cousin’s birthday party, where she gets busted for “smoking a pot”. On the train ride home, she hits her head, and encounters a young, vibrant girl named Cici, who is so amazing and unlike anyone Victoria has ever met before…. or has she?

    2nd book: “My First Love and Other Disasters” Victoria is in love with this Jim fellow who summers on Fire Island. Jim of course doesn’t even know Victoria exists. But Victoria has a plan! She convinces her parents to allow her to be a Mother’s Helper on the island so she can spend time with her dreamboat. Foolishness ensues.

    3rd book: “Love & Betrayal & Hold The Mayo!” Victoria and her BFF Steffi go away to be camper waitresses at some camp. Steffi makes it sound amazing, but it’s the pits. The waitress bunks are dumps, the job is harder than she expects it to be, Steffi isn’t in her bunk and Victoria has to deal with some awful Queen Bee bitch named Dana Joyce. Victoria then meets this awesome hunk of a guy, Robbie, and the summer is looking up. But not for long, as Robbie is actually Steffi’s long distance man from the summer before. Lots of guilt, angst and betrayal in this book.

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