We love Judy Blume!

This week is banned books week. So I wanted to give special props to my lady, Judy Blume, but Diablo Cody beat me to it in this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly. Here’s the article:


I love love love Judy Blume. Not just for the reasons Diablo Cody listed, but also because she is such a strong anti-censorship voice. I just read Places I Never Meant To Be; Original Stories by Censored Authors, which was a decent book. Judy Blume was the Editor of the stories and wrote her own essay about book banning. It was the best part of that book! So dear readers, please go out there and read a banned or challenged book this week! For more information, check out:



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One Response to We love Judy Blume!

  1. MaybeSomeday says:

    I recently bought “Places I Never Meant To Be” and will read Judy Blume’s essay tonight in honor of Banned Books Week.Don’t you love how this week has become everything the book banners tried to stop?

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