"Who Knew Alan Could be such a Wimp!" or Friends Forever #12, Claudia and the Disaster Date

Let me clarify a few things. First, I was planning on recapping Deenie by Judy Blume this week, but I can’t find the damn book. Second, this is the first and only BSC Friends Forever Book I ever read. In fact, I had never heard of BSC Friends Forever until I started getting interested in these young adult book blogs. I found this at the library last weekend and I couldn’t resist. Now I know that I can easiy resist any more Friends Forever Books. Anyway…..to the recap!

Ok, so evidently BSC Friends Forever series takes place after eighth grade. I know, how exciting that those girls finally get out of middle school. Only the four original members remain. Mallory, from what I hear, went to boarding school, Dawn returned to California (although she is visiting in this book.) I don’t know where Jessi went. Banished from Stoneybrook for her unfogivable blackness maybe? Did you all know that Jessi is black, because I don’t think it was EVER awkwardly mentioned in every single baby sitters club book starting at Number 14, Hello Mallory.

Anyway, this book is told from the POV of Claudia, who on the front cover is not dressed nearly funkily enough. But she does have the appropriate “duuuuuh” look about her. Evidently at some dance at the end of school, Claud danced with Alan “Little Orphan Annie Eyes” Gray. Now Alan wants to be her boyf so they go out on dates. Claud keeps in a secret from the rest of the BSC, because of their hatred of Alan….well mostly Kristy’s hatred. So Claudia and Alan go on a few dates and it is obvs that Alan is keeping his goofy sense of humor in check so as not to turn Claudia off. That’s right Alan, change your whole personality for a girl.
Meanwhile, Claudia got a summer job at the Stoneybrook library (take a moment now to continue laughter). We all know that Stoneybrook does not follow child-labor laws. Right, Rosebud Cafe and Bellairs Children’s Play area???? Claud is working with Erica Blumberg in the children’s section. She wants to repaint the mural and gets the OK from the Children’s librarian. Then Mrs. Kishi gets all pissy because the Children’s librarian gave the OK without checking with her and she is the HEAD librarian. So she and Claud get in a fight and Claud is all “oh, my life sucks, my parent’s don’t understand my art…” blahblahblah. Also in a really lame subplot Erica Blumberg wants to find her biological parents. It’s lame, so we’ll just ignore that part, mmmkay?
So the other members of the BSC find out about Claud and Alan “Took Kristy to a dance in seventh grade” Gray. Kristy is OUTRAGED!!!! Because everyone should do exactly what Kristy says and act exactly how she expects people to act. So Alan invites Claud, the BSC and two of his friends (Pete Black and Cary Retlin) to go mini-golfing. Alan acts like he has a stick up his ass and refuses Kristy’s bait to get into an argument. Then Kristy calls him a wimp. And Claudia is all “oh noes.” She wants Alan to “be himself,” but not really act like such a goofball. But not to be as mild mannered as he was with Kristy. In other words, Claudia doesn’t want Alan to be Alan. Bitch, don’t think you can change a guy cause you can’t (and really shouldn’t).
So at the end, Claudia makes up with her mom. The BSC has a pic-a-nic with Alan and some of his friends. Alan and Kristy continue to goad each other, but in a much friendlier way. Alan and Claud decide that they are boyf/girlf. Because Alan appropriately changed his personality just for her.
  • One thing I like better about this series than the original series? There is not loooong chapter two with each girl’s history, there is a blurb on the front cover with all that. Nice!
  • Another thing I like better? No babysitting! No terrible notebook entries to read with Stacey’s retarded dots her i’s with a heart writing, or Claudia spelling.
  • One thing I hated more about this series? Only ONE Claudia outfit!!! WTF? I live for Claudia’s outfits! “Beige linen shorts, an enormous red, blue and purple tie-dyed T-shirt I made earlier in the summer, a pair of earrings I’d made from bottle caps and glitter, and purple high tops with blue socks folded over the top.”
  • The Children’s Librarian allows Claudia to make a sign asking for kids’ help with the new mural. It says “Kids, be an artist for the Stoneybrook Library! Ask Ms. Feld in the Children’s room to give you a hand!” But we all know it really looked more like this “Kidds, bee an artest for the Stonybrooke Librerry. Ask Ms. Felt in the Childrin’s rom to give you an hande!”
  • The blurb on the back “Alan’s got one last chance. Will Claudia find luv?” I guess Stacey wrote that!
  • Dawn goes off about how golf courses are bad for the environment. And even though I hate what an enviro-nazi Dawn became in the later books, she is TOTALLY right about that, but not for the exact reasons she mentioned, which is the pesticides and herbicides used to keep them green….but I won’t bore anyone with a lecture right now because I”m NOT Dawn! Golf courses are the bane of my existence!
  • Although this book sucks-ass, it totally made me miss reading the BSC. I’m not going to recap many of them though, because there are TONS of other places you can get that. Here, Here, an old one here, and here.

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5 Responses to "Who Knew Alan Could be such a Wimp!" or Friends Forever #12, Claudia and the Disaster Date

  1. colleenn says:

    I’ve never seen a Friends Forever book… very cool that you found one. I only discovered their existence maybe last year when I was searching online to try to see how the series ended. I left the main series shortly before Abby showed up, when I was already painfully too old for them. (And then I read one or two Abby books just see what she was like… I wasn’t missing much.)I think I read somewhere that in Friends Forever #1, the club decides to “cut back” on babysitting by not taking on any new clients (because that makes a whole lot of sense given the tons of inept parents they’re already committed to). And Jessi decides to pursue ballet more seriously, which is why she leaves. I forget what happened to Abby because I usually forgot that she existed anyway.

  2. BananaBomb says:

    I have most of the FF books, and really, no one’s missing anything. And, this is the final run of EIGHTH grade they go through. Yeah, I know. Just don’t think about it. They do actually graduate at the end of the FF series, I swear. They’re down to the original founding four because like Nikki said, Dawn’s gone emo in Cali, Mallory’s in boarding school, Jessi is devoting more time to ballet (thank god) and Abby quits so she can play more sports. They also cut back on sitting period, because they finally realized that kids were taking over their lives. Well, they have real excuses, but I don’t remember them. (It’s been a while since I read one.)

  3. zanne says:

    I never even heard of these Friends Forever books! Wow. I like that they aren’t all about babysitting.

  4. Donica says:

    Yep FF does indeed take place in eighth grade… one last time. I actually don’t mind them, there’s less baby-sitting, but they’re good for a readI don’t think I’ve read this one though, need to.

  5. you'll love the friends forever series. It's like california diaries only less serious ande etc.here are my favorite friends forever books:kristy:kristy's big news because patrick is finally shown as a main plot. We also get to see zoey for the first time as patrick's new wife. And i thought the book was very well written and realistic.mary anne: all three of them is my favorites. but the one i liked the most is mary anne's revenge. Mary anne was so badass in that book. and we see more of the cary retlin and mary anne romance.claudia: claudia gets her guy cause jeremy rudolph finally gets what's coming to him. I hated jeremy rudolph in that series. Plus i liked the whole romance thing between claudia and alan and kristy's reaction towards that. also liked the yashimoto family too.best stacey book: stacey and the boyfriend trap. you gotta love all those ex boyfriends showing up and karma biting stacey in the rear.my favorite super special was graduation day. it finally has the girls graduating after like practically forever.

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