"I am a Gretzky Girl"…..or Who Put that Hair in my Toothbrush?

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving! I know I did….

This book was…meh. I only vaguely remember reading this as a kid. I remember that it was about a brother and sister who have the worst case ever of sibling rivalry. I also kind of remembered something about an old lady. I wish I could find an image of the cover of the book I bought becase there is some fantastic 1980’s fashion going on.

This book is told in two different points of view. Megin gets one chapter, then her brother Greg gets the next and on and on. The book starts the day before the first day of school, 7th grade for Megin and 9th grade for Greg. Megin is showering and Greg convinces their little brother Toddie to flush the toilet to make Megin’s shower go cold (or is it hot? I don’t remember). Greg is totally in love with the pretty girl in his class, Jennifer Wade. He’s been working out all summer long to get in shape to impress her. Megin teases Greg about this to no end. Greg bothers Megin about her slovenly habits to no end. Their parents are really horrible parents. Dad acts all happy-go-lucky and mom is a bit of a flake. She meditates a lot to “survive” their sibling rivalry. All kinds of crazy shenanigans happen in this household between those two. Donut fights, killing an “Egg Baby” for Home Ec, tossing a signed Wayne Gretzky hockey stick through a pond of ice, planting roaches in bedrooms.

It’s hard to recap this book, because so many little things happen. And much of it is not very interesting. Also, my husband is sitting here watching a really scary movie called Vacancy, which is the type of movie that I HATE, but I can’t stop watching. So if I seem a little distracted….yeah, that would be why. So onto the random tidbits:

  • It sometimes didn’t occur to me when I was a kid, just how bad parents in these books are. Seriously, Megin and Greg’s parents are awful. They aren’t mean, they really just allow Megin and Greg to torture each other without a hint of discipline…until the very end. But then it’s like too little too late, you know? Also, the mom obviously wants nothing to do with her kids. She won’t even take little Toddie to story time at the library herself. She makes Megin and Greg take turns. Dad totally pretends that his kids never fight. It’s like he’s in denial.
  • Megin befriends a little old lady who lives in the old folks home, which is sweet. The lady gives Megin (a huge hockey fan) a shirt that says “I am a Gretzky girl.”
  • There is a pretty hysterical part of the book where Greg uses a girl to try to get to Jennifer Wade, then ends up falling for that girl but only after she figures out he was using her. Greg’s 14 year old boy logic is really quite funny. (And one reason my son is going to have to skip teenager-hood).
  • I’m totally unimpressed by this book, especially given that it was written by Jerry Spinelli, who is actually a fantasic YA author. My favorites of his are Space Station Seventh Grade and its sequel Jason & Marceline. He also wrote Manic Magee, which was great. So I am totally underwhelmed by this book. (I’ve heard Star Girl is fantastic, but I have yet to read it.)
  • Some girl named Zoe Miranda moves into town, and everyone is impressed as hell that she’s from California. Is that really impressive?
  • All it takes for this terible case of sibling rivalry to end is for Megin to save Greg’s life. Aww…isn’t that sweet?
  • Holy shit, this movie is scary! I can barely type my palms are so sweaty.

Anyway, I know this wasn’t my best blog ever, but really the book was disappointing and I’m totally distracted by this creepy movie which is going to keep me up all night. Meh. I’ll try to do better next time. And one of these days, I promise I’ll get to Space Station Seventh Grade.


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4 Responses to "I am a Gretzky Girl"…..or Who Put that Hair in my Toothbrush?

  1. "My favorites of his are Space Station Seventh Grade and its sequel Jason & Marceline." Those were the two books that taught me about puberty/junior high from a boys perspective. When Jason and Marceline go that dance together, and there's the whole erection as a "lower nose" thing … yeah, that stuck with me for life.

  2. colleenn says:

    I’ve read some Jerry Spinelli, but not this one. I can’t remember what I’ve read though… probably Maniac Magee. The part about the signed hockey stick being thrown into icy water sounds particularly mean. My younger brothers were always big hockey fans and I never would have even thought to do anything that extreme to them.

  3. boots says:

    This book taught me what a crueller was.

  4. Alexis says:

    The part of this book that really stuck in my mind was the spray-on deodorant scene. I hadn’t known such a thing existed when I read this, and the fact that it gave him a rash totally freaked me out. And this was the cover I had:http://www.amazon.com/gp/customer-media/product-gallery/0440994853/ref=cm_ciu_pdp_images_all

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