A little help?

I’m trying desperatley to personalize this blog a bit. I want to add links to my Goodreads and Facebook profiles over there —-> under the About Me section. I can NOT figure out how to do it. Bear in mind, I’m somewhat technologically retarded. So if you can help…I’d be your best friend.


***Update***OK, I figured it out. It doesn’t look exactly how I want it to, but it’ll do. My friend who has WordPress has a better looking link, but maybe that’s just a difference between Blogger and WordPress. In the meantime, check me out on Goodreads and on Facebook. (Though my Facebook is private, so you may need to friend request me first).

Anyway, my son should be awake from his nap soon. So no time to do a real post. I’ll do Time for Andrew by Mary Downing Hahn in the next few days.


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4 Responses to A little help?

  1. greer says:

    Go to layout->add a gadget->link list.You can't add HTML to your about me, so move this gadget underneath your about me. 🙂

  2. nikki says:

    hmm…that’s exactly how I’ve been trying to do it. I was trying to Add a Gadget under my about me, but above my blog list. And I can’t get it to show up!

  3. You can make a facebook badge (with picture and link to your profile) in Facebook. Go to Profile and down on the left should be a link to make a profile badge. Then copy the html into your sidebar thingy.

  4. nikki says:

    Thanks Laura…er Mountain Mama. That’s just what I was looking for. 🙂

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