I want The Tipping Point

Taren, at the Chick Manifesto, is having a contest to give away The Tipping Point, by Malcolm Gladwell. Taren, if you’re reading this, I get two extra entries for posting this link to her blog.

And if it will garner my any extra sympathy entries, I’m currently in queue at my local library for Outliers, and at last check I was number 488 in queue. It’ll be minimum of six months before I get it! The kicker is that one copy is not checked out, but it’s at the Detention Center, and their books don’t get in general population circulation. Do those prisoners even know what they’re sitting on????

I hope I win! I’ve been having a slight case of “Reader’s Block” recently…


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6 Responses to I want The Tipping Point

  1. Taren says:

    Yay, thanks for posting about my contest!I read Outliers a couple of months ago and loved it. Does your library do inter-library loan where you could get it from another library?

  2. nikki says:

    Yep, Taren. The request is for the entire county’s library system. Which consists of about 15 separate branches. (And the prison, evidently!)

  3. I hate Reader’s Block. It is of the devil. The End.

  4. Sadako says:

    Wow, you share books with the prison? Hardcore!

  5. greer says:

    My blog is probably blocked because someone hacked me and used one of my FTP usernames to upload nefarious scripts and send out hundreds of thousands of emails so it caused all kinds of problems with ISPs and my hosting company.:(

  6. nikki says:

    Greer, that is just so….stale!

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