Fanfic anyone?

So by popular demand, Blubber is to be my next book. But I must admit, I haven’t read it yet. Sorry. I’m in the middle of reading The Stand by Stephen King, which is over 800 pages long and I average a paltry 20-30 minutes of reading time each day. I’m almost 500 pages in, which is at the point where I absolutely can not put it down..even to read something that’ll take me two hours to get through. So no book review here today.

Instead I have some questions for my readers:

Does anyone read fan fiction? Does anyone write fan fiction? What are your thoughts or experiences? Is there really much fanfic out there that’s worth reading? Is it fun to write?

See, I feel like it might be fun to write, because you don’t have to worry about character development in a short story format. But it also seems a little cheesy and hokey to basically take characters someone else has crafted and use them in your own story. I started reading a little bit of fanfic back when my son was still young enough to take two naps a day. I didn’t read much, just a few BSC and HP stories. Only one was any good. A few were eh, but the majority were pretty much so bad they were unreadable.

And you want to know what made me think of this? I saw a show on Discovery recently and there was a gay guy named Byron. And in BSC fanfic, Byron Pike is ALWAYS gay. Something just clicked, and I’m trying to decide if I might want to read some more. Like I said, most of the work was dreck, but that one good story I read, truly made it worth wading through all that dreck.

*shrugs….* Thoughts? Experiences? Comments? Suggestions? I’d love to hear from you all!

Oh…and if you’re interested here is the link to the one good fanfic story I ever read. It’s BSC related. It’s totes angsty and dramatic. But surprisingly well-written.


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13 Responses to Fanfic anyone?

  1. Kathryn says:

    I cut my fanfic teeth reading quality BtVS fic – I tend to read BSC fanfic when it’s snarky, for a laugh. I like fanfic, and I’ve thought about writing it – until I think about the horrible MarySue-esque pieces you sometimes see. And I agree with you, the whole ‘taking other people’s characters and manipulating them’ feels a little wrong.

  2. Emily says:

    In BSC fanfic:1. One of the girls is always a lesbian2. One of the girls is always pregnant.3. One is always hooked on drugs or alcohol4. One has been abused by a boyfriend or is currently being abused.You’re not missing much by not reading a lot of fanfic…most of it IS awful. Also, I hate it that fanfic authors always make Byron gay just because he’s the “sensitive” triplet. I never saw him as gay.

  3. HelenB says:

    The biggest problem with fanfic is basically quality control. Anyone can write it, anyone can read it, and quite frequently it seems that the most popular fics aren’t particularly well written, but have plot elements that the readers really want to see. I do read a lot of fanfic, but I only really only like fic that follow the ‘spirit’ of a show or book – so no, I wouldn’t read incredibly angsty BSC fic! If you’re interested in finding more good-ish fic then it’s probably worth checking out the Yuletide Archives, which covers a really wide range of fandoms and is generally fairly well-written. Probably my favourite story from last year’s round is a Saved By the Bell fic, Bayside Revisited.

  4. Taren says:

    Haha I actually still read Labyrinth fan fiction. I call it my goblin porn. For serious, find Scattered Logic’s stuff on

  5. Diana Dang says:

    The last time I read fanfic was… four years ago? I only read like one series based on an anime and that was it. Some people’s writings were atrocious. I know there are plenty of good ones out there but right now I rather stick to my novels. =)

  6. Ames says:

    Not wanting to admit this, but during the height of Hanson mania I read tons of Hanson fanfic on the net *hangs head in shame*. I know it’s not really related but I read fanfic and it sprang to mind! I also toyed with the idea of what the girls in Pen Pals would be up to now…

  7. BananaBomb says:

    I’ve read some fanfic on, and like everyone has said, it’s usually pretty bad. What gets me the most is LACK OF GRAMMAR. I’m no English queen, but text lingo does not belong in print outside of a cell phone or IM. That said, I’ve only ever written one piece of fanfic, and surprisingly, it’s Sweet Valley High. More specifically, what could have happened if Margo succeeded in offing Elizabeth. I’ve been tossing around the idea of posting it on my blog, but haven’t quite taken that step yet. For the love of Pete, it’s 22 pages long on an MS Word document.

  8. Mackenzie says:

    I actually write BSC fic, and a lot of it includes gay!Byron. I didn’t choose to write him as gay because he was the sensitive one, but because I liked him the best and I wanted to write about him the most. That being said, there’s definitely good fic out there, but isn’t always the best place to find it.

  9. Elizabeth says:

    Excited for the Blubber recap!My best friend/co-blogger and I were “working on” our My So-Called Life fanfic for like four years. Obviously it didn’t go anywhere, but we did have tons of fun coming up with the storyline and some of the scenes! I say, go for it.

  10. Elizabeth says:

    Also, BananaBomb: I would soooo read your fanfic.

  11. I do love this one. does follow the one of the girls is a lesbian trope, but it’s Kristy, I mean come on!Sadly, I read lots of fanfic, sometimes the badly or cliched written stuff is good brain candy.

  12. Sadako says:

    I’ve read at least one Byron/Jeff piece.I also read one sort of ongoing story about Mary Anne. It was actually really well written for a fan fic. I think she had some disease or something wrong with her…her and Logan weren’t together but they kind of were getting back together. Oh, and there was some plot with a school shooting at Dawn’s school. Possibly involving Dawn herself. Super dramatic, does anyone know it?

  13. Sadako says:

    Sorry to post again, but I just remembered my favorite fan fic piece.

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