Not to harp on this subject, but….

I’ve still been thinking about this whole fan fiction thing. Because I’m a big loser. And my job honestly doesn’t take a whole lotta brain power, so I can work and think about lame things like fan fiction at the same time. I’m quite the multi-tasker, you know.

You know what I kind of like about fanfic? It’s like we recognize that these characters from these books/movies/TV shows are real somehow. So much fanfic is based on where things go from the time a series ended. You know, my favorite episodes from The Simpsons (one of my all time favorite shows) are the ones where we see what happens to the family in the future (like when Lisa almost marries Hugh) or what had happened to them in the past (like when Lisa was born). It’s like I watch this crazy family’s story every week for the last 20 years and I kind of feel like those characters are real to me. So yeah…maybe, just maybe, fanfic is actually kind of a compliment to the authors. You know, you’ve created these characters and this universe that I can’t stand to see an end to. So I felt the need to make my own creation in that same universe.

*shrugs* I still don’t know. And I still haven’t written any.

But, right after I wrote my last blog post on Tuesday, I went right back to (like I said…I’m a big loser). And I found an even better favorite fanfic! It’s a Byron/Jeff love story Could it possibly be the one Sadako referred to in the last comments? It’s very well-written. I almost didn’t read it, because the summary didn’t make it sound great. But, I’m sooo glad I tried it. It’s told from the POV of Jeff, who was just sent back to the ‘Brook. He becomes best friends with Byron. Rather than being much of a fanfic piece, it’s really more of a touching story of a boy slowly realizing he’s fallen in love with his best friend. It’s so honestly written, grammatically correct (big points there!), extremely sweet, and kind of funny at points. It really could be a story on it’s own, rather than being a fan fic piece.

Maybe that’s why I like it?

Here it is.


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7 Responses to Not to harp on this subject, but….

  1. Sadako says:

    I don’t think it’s the one I mentioned in the last posting, but I read a bit of it. It is quite good. Definitely could work even if they weren’t Jeff and Byron and all.I think the weirdest pairing I ever read were a (now teenage or adult) Charlotte and Stacey. I’m still hoping I can find that MA story I mentioned in my other comment. I kinda wanna know how it ended.Also, you’re not a big loser! I went through a phase, before I found blogs about the BSC, where I read way too much BSC fan fiction.

  2. HelenB says:

    I don’t think you’re a big loser! But then I may be kind of biased since I’ve actually been known to write fanfic… /o\

  3. BananaBomb says:

    These characters have always seemed very real to me. I totally looked up to them before I turned 13, agreed with them when I was 13, and then sneered at them when I was no longer 13. I even modeled baby-sitting jobs after them. (But no circuses or baloney like that.) But I think that’s the point of a well-written character, for them to be “alive” to the reader. If these girls hadn’t seemed so real, would we be talking about them right now? I think that’s why people write fanfic. To see how their favorite character would react in a certain situation. Or to take the character in a direction the author had not. Everyone’s got a “What if…” scenario, and it’s great that people have the creativity to write them down.Did any of that make sense?

  4. nikki says:

    That made perfect sense, Bananabomb. Thanks to everyone for commenting. And telling me I’m not a loser. That’s always nice to hear.:)

  5. Mackenzie says:

    Um, that’s my story, actually. I’m so glad you like it! 🙂

  6. nikki says:

    Ha! Mackenzie…I sent you a message on fanfic about it!

  7. Mackenzie says:

    Hey Nikki, I wanted to respond to your message, but there’s no way to PM you from the ff.n profile. Can you give me your email address, or send it to mizzmarvel at gmail dot com?

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