Not book related and not a bit snarky at all.

I write in total earnestness this morning.

Some of you are my friends on Facebook and may have seen my most recent status where I am resolving to be more grateful for my husband and son. It’s so sad that a huge tragedy had to happen in order for me to recommit myself. In my hometown of Middletown, MD a girl I went to high school with and her three children were murdered by her husband, who then killed himself. The outpouring of grief from the Middletown community (who, I admit I have generally be pretty derisive of) has been monumental. Though I was not great friends with Francie, I was certainly aware of her and I know several people who were great friends of hers.

At the time this happened, my facebook status read “Nikki has the most wonderful husband. Ever. (Sarcasm).” I can’t even remember what he was doing at that moment for me to say something like that sarcastically. But really, he is wonderful.

He is a man who works unbelievable hours (generally 50-60 a week) at a job he doesn’t like so that we can afford for me to be home with Grady part time. He is a man who balances the check book. He is a man who helps with housework. He is a man who loves to cook. He is a man who recognized that I was going through some tough emotional crap in the weeks after our son was born and who left work early to help out AND who woke up with me in the night more often then he needed to, considering I was the only one who had milk-making boobs. He is a man who has a beautiful, inappropriate, sardonic sense of humor. He is a great father.

Has he ever pissed me off? Oh yeah. (Remind me sometime to tell you all about the fiasco last December when we were leaving his office holiday party.) But who doesn’t piss anyone off at some point. I’m sure I piss him off, but I know that he is grateful for me.

Now on to my son. He is still sleeping of a 103+ degree fever at this moment. He is 2 1/2 years old and is throwing tantrums left and right. He refuses to get potty trained. He wants to watch the same episodes of Wonder Pets and Go, Diego, Go over and over and OVER again. Did I mention the tantrums?

BUT (and there’s always a but, isn’t there?) he is sweet. And innocent. And he thanks me for being his Pit Crew everyday. (It’s a line from the movie Cars). And he needs me. And I need him. And I wouldn’t hurt him for the world. Words can not even begin to express the love and protective instincts a parent should feel for their kid. And I can’t help wondering where that instinct was in the case of my classmate’s husband?

This is innocence defined. He truly believes that is a giant rabbit, not a guy in a filthy costume.


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5 Responses to Not book related and not a bit snarky at all.

  1. Janet F says:

    Wow Nikki that was a great post. Your husband and son sound terrific, and what happened to Francie and her children is utterly awful

  2. BananaBomb says:

    I saw your FB status that day, but I didn’t think anything of it. I read about the family in the news, of course, and usually when something like that happens, I wonder if I know anyone would could be loosely related to the situation. (I dropped the ball on this one.) What a terrible, senseless tragedy.Your hubby sounds like a great guy and cherish every time he helps you. I asked my husband to reorganize the DVDs the other day and surprise! it didn’t happen. Potty-training tip: Try throwing Cheerios into the toilet and tell Grady to aim for them. Award him a point for each one he hits–or for each time he goes in the potty–and when he gets to X number, something great happens (what that is is up to you). That’s how my husband potty-trained his sons.

  3. colleenn says:

    Nikki, I haven’t been reading my usual blogs in months because of personal crap I’ve been dealing with, but a new comment on my blog today brought me to my own page which led me to check out yours. I’m happy I got to see this entry. I’ve also been forgetting lately what I am lucky to have in spite of everything else that is going wrong in my life. Your little family sounds beautiful. I hope I can someday have something that special.I think I’m going to read about Blubber now and see if that helps me get some of my blogging spirit back. I’ve been such a mess lately but I can’t let it go on forever.

  4. molly says:

    your family sounds amazing, and my heart goes out to that poor family.on a completely different note, i just read back about five pages of your blog and i absolutely adored it, especially the review of the BSC movie – loved that shit, ESPECIALLY the alan gray “feel like a bird” pick up line!

  5. Okay, so, here’s my Johnny Come Lately comment about the fanfic. Totally fun. Fun to read. Fun to write. It definitely helps feed the beast when series have ended and you can read about the characters in situations outside the real series written by people who know how to write. hahaha! Sometimes you come across some real crap fanfics where people twist the characters to fit his/her own suits, but then you come across those where the writer has kept the character true to the original author’s character, and those, my friend, ROCK. The End.

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