"Black on the outside, white on the inside. Like an Oreo cookie…" or Baby Sitters Club Super Special #2, Baby-sitters’ Summer Vacation

Thanks to Dibby Fresh for the image!

There is so much ridiculousness going on in this cover. I barely know where to begin. First of all, Kristy specifically mentions in the book that her blue shoes are velcro, not laced, so there’s a mistake. Next to Kristy is either Dawn or Stacey (I can rarely tell them apart in book covers – Hodges Soileau must think all blond haired blue eyed girls look alike) who is doing something freaky. I don’t know, maybe Kristy just goosed her or something. Then Jessi is looking scarily like Dominique Dawes. And remember, Jessi is only 11 in this book and I’m not talking 1992 or 1996 Olympics Dominique Dawes. I’m talking 2000 Sydney Olympics Dominque Dawes. When she was like 22 or 23. Poor Mallory looks appropriately heinous. And why is Claud the only one wearing long shorts and a polo? C’mon…you totally know the answer to that question. Because on anyone else it would look ridiculous but on Claudia Kishi it looks totally cool. Also, the two super-aryan children of the corn behind the BSC girls have shorts that are so high waisted we’re lucky we aren’t seeing camel toe.

So why was this one of my favorite BSC books? *shrugs* I seriously have no idea. I mean, after I re-read Logan Likes Mary Anne and The Ghost at Dawn’s House, I totally saw why I loved those books so much. But I honestly have no idea what it is about this one. It’s kind of dull. But I do love me some camp stories, so maybe that was it?

Plot: The girls decide to go to Camp Mohawk for two weeks during the summer and work as CITs (Counselors in Training). A bunch of Stoneybrook kids go (naturally) and Stacey, who is in NY at this point also goes. Mallory and Jessi are relegated to being Junior CITs, a distinction made just for them. Lucky gals. Each girl has some kind of adventure:

  • Kristy-is placed with super trendy CITs. They are obsessed with giving her a makeover, which she eventually relents to. She learns to wear makeup and dances with non-Bart boys at the end of camp dance.
  • Claudia – Falls in LUV with a boy CIT…… who is Japanese! Also sends many postcards that make her appear borderline retarded.
  • Stacey-Gets poison ivy, pink eye and impetigo (not to mention her diabeetus) and spends way too much time in the infirmary. However, Karen Brewer is in her cabin, so I think she may have been faking it.
  • Mary Anne-After much pressure from her co- CITs, she gets caught trying to sneak around the lake to the boys’ side of the camp to see Logan and give him a love note.
  • Logan-takes a lot of flak for Mary Anne “The Feeb” Spier having gotten caught delivering said love note.
  • Dawn- Gets lost in the woods one night with her campers. Also spends too much time worrying about one of her campers who is shy and likes to read more than socialize (because how fucking dare she!)
  • Jessi/Mal- Don’t get along with their cabin-mates, possibly because of racist reasons. Also, their job as Junior CITs is to create a dance program for the 8 year olds cabin for parent’s day. How lucky that Jessi is a dance star!!!!!

That’s it. The whole fucking book. And the thing that sucks, is that this story could have taken place in Stoneybrook, with a few improvisations. I mean, there was hardly any camp-y goodness like in other books, Bummer Summer (Which I just bought today at a used book store!) or Laura’s Luck (Which I totally want now that I’ve just thought of it!). So let’s just get down to the nitty-gritty, shall we?

  • I spotted a mistake! Stacey mentions Junior CITs being on her bus. But the JCIT position was created especially for Mal and Jessi, and they were obviously on the bus from Stoneybrook, not Manhattan.
  • Jessi’s dad is named Alex? Then why is Squirt’s name John Phillip Ramsey, Jr.? Was Mama Ramsey just fucking around?
  • Dawn is concerned about this camper, Heather, who reads a lot and is shy. Here’s what she (Dawn) had to say. …”She reminded me an awful lot of Mallory. Only in a good way.” Oh snap. If that’s not proof that Ann M. totally fucking hates Mallory, then the fact that Mallory only got one chapter AND had to share a storyline with Jessi sure is! (I have a whole post about my thoughts on the BSC, including a bunch of thoughts on Mallory Pike that I may actually get around to sharing with you all one day. I have way too much hatred/pity for Mallory.) Also, Dawn is so concerned about the fact that Heather doesn’t seem to want to change. As an introvert, I can fairly say “Fuck you, Dawn.” Shyness isn’t a disability. We’re fine the way we are. Sometimes we just want to be left the fuck alone to read our books and write in our journals, OK?
  • Stacey has a lisping camper. But the lisp is written with the “sh” sound. So she says, “I have three shishtersh.” Which……what? Don’t lispers turn their S sounds into THs? I’ve never heard a lisper use the SH sound.
  • Just because I have to. A list of Claudia’s postcard misspellings: havnt (haven’t), hole (whole), Who (How), Realy (really), asinments (assignments), Vanesa (Vanessa), tonigt (tonight), Me just fin (I’m just fine. No, I’m not fucking kidding about that one either!), riden (ridden), hav (have), imergine (Imagine), niddlework (needlework), hop (hope), com (come), langage (language), sonds (sounds), certin (certain), no (know), reprot (report), draems (dreams), nigth (night), probly(probably), matrial (material), expreinces (experiences), bracking (braking), sclupture (sculpture), worryed (worried), bake (back), leter (letter), thrid (third). Now, I’m not perfect. I’m probably a slightly above average speller at best. But holy fucking shit balls. There are no words to describe that. Plus her punctuation was all off (when there was an apostrophe, it was usually at the end of a contraction for some reason.) And the Who are You? as opposed to How are you? just kills me.
  • The lake is called Lake Dekanawida. Not too hard to remember? Well, every single one of them couldn’t remember it and would call it things like Dekadonka, Dukakis, Dekadeka, and all other sorts of stupidity.
  • Logan’s dad is named Lyman. And I find that fascinating. I’ve never heard that name ane it reminds me of the flavor of Sprite.
  • The boy Claudia falls in LUV with is also Japanese-American. And Claudia says she’s sure her parents have always wanted her to marry a Japanese man. Really? Wouldn’t they have emigrated to….oh, I don’t know….Seattle instead of suburban Connecticut if it was that big a deal to them?
  • Yet another example of Ann M having these girls know way too much 1950’s shit. Dawn and her campers sing Monster Mash on their overnight hike.
  • “Feeb” should totally be a real word. It’s way better than dibble or distant or fresh or stale or what have you. I kind of like feeb.
  • Jessi and Mallory have to do this dance routine for the 8 year olds, and the routine they come up with has a moral: racism=BAD! And the routine fixes racism at Camp Mohawk. Screw you, Jesse Jackson. Jessica Davis Ramsey is the future of the civil rights movement. Also, because Jessi and Mallory are also borderline retarded, they make Charlotte and Becca the stars of the routine. Because it’s like they don’t even fucking know those girls.
  • Claudia’s LUV, Will, doesn’t believe in heaven or hell. Hmm. Not much to say about that, but pretty astute for a 13 year old.
  • Even Logan notices that Kristy looks prettier with makeup.

So, my plan had been to write another piece of fanfic, like with my Ghost at Dawn’s House entry. BUT, it is nearly 10:30 at night and it’s already taken me parts of the last three nights just to get this post done. But seriously, Camp Mohawk deserves a fanfic.


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6 Responses to "Black on the outside, white on the inside. Like an Oreo cookie…" or Baby Sitters Club Super Special #2, Baby-sitters’ Summer Vacation

  1. I love this. I just blog-recapped this book but you caught way more continuity errors than I did. I love Bummer Summer. I associate "Lyman" with The West Wing's Josh Lyman…who had a fansite devoted to him called LemonLyman…so yeah, I'm with you on the Sprite thing.

  2. Sadako says:

    "Jessi's dad is named Alex? Then why is Squirt's name John Phillip Ramsey, Jr.? Was Mama Ramsey just fucking around?"Heh!!!"Here's what she (Dawn) had to say. …"She reminded me an awful lot of Mallory. Only in a good way." " Whoa! She went there.Haha. I hated this book, because I hate camp but I love reading about it. And more fanfic PLEASE!

  3. sharkcrow says:

    This book was the reason I was so obsessed with flying to the other side of the world to work at a summer camp… and why I was so upset when my camp didn't have a lake. And why I was so traumatised when my CITs were little shitbags that spent the whole time coming onto the oldest male campers… it wasn't like Super Special #2 at ALL!

  4. "Yet another example of Ann M having these girls know way too much 1950's shit. Dawn and her campers sing Monster Mash on their overnight hike." I started reading BSC in 4th grade… and continued through college. I remember the first time the books came out — they only had the first four for about a year. Anyway, for some reason, my friends and I knew a ton of shit about the 1950s. Is that a by-product of being an 80s kid? In the 80s a bunch of 50s/60s stuff was cool again… singing songs like Monster Mash, Shag: the Movie, and the Munsters/Monkees/Patty Duke show were being re-run on tv courtesy of the new TV station Nick-at-Nite!But I don't think Ann M. Martin was that smart to be that retrospective on pop culture of the late 80s.

  5. Taren says:

    Wasn't there also some bit about some girl being an Iroquois, which is why she can't swim?What??

  6. LiLu says:

    Camp Mohawk! Oh man, that takes me back… I wanted to go with them so badly 🙂

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