Because I said I would

Here you go Sadako. My Camp Mohawk fanfic. You all knew I couldn’t NOT post a Camp Mohawk fanfic. Also, I can’t sleep!



Logan Bruno was finally let in on the big Camp Mohawk secret, which was common knowledge among the counselors. It was 18-year old Logan’s first summer as a counselor, and his camp friend, Rick finally let him in on what all the other counselors already knew.

“The whole story about only three people ever trying to sneak around the lake is a lie.” Rick told him on the first day of camp, as he threw a Hawaiian shirt over his teepee garb. “It’s a lie made up by the Meanies to discourage campers, CITs and counselors from trying it.” Rick took some hair gel and started spiking his blond-tipped hair. He glanced at Logan in the mirror. “The truth is that almost no one gets caught. Honestly, most of the counselors sneak over at some point to hook up in the summer.”

That was how Logan came to be sneaking around Lake Dekanawida about halfway through the summer. He smiled remembering the summer he was thirteen and Mary Anne got caught trying to sneak over to bring him that lame love note. Well that was then, and things were different now. Logan had a flashlight with him, but only wanted to use it if he really needed it. He wasn’t quite sure where he was going, having only been given the clandestine message by Rick, in a hurried whispered conversation in the mess hall earlier this evening.

He knew he was supposed to meet her about halfway around the lake. Logan stopped and called her name as loudly as he dared, which wasn’t much more than a hoarse whisper. When he got no answer, he continued walking.

Finally, he heard a quiet “psssst!” He stopped and looked toward where he heard the voice, at the entrance to the woods. A flashlight turned on and illuminated her smiling face, brown hair and brown eyes. Logan walked toward her and as she turned the flashlight off, he grabbed her face and kissed her hard.

They kissed for several seconds, finally breaking apart, both of them breathing hard.

“Logan,”she groaned pulling him down to the ground, where a sleeping bag had already been set up.

“Kristy,” he whispered in her ear.

She laughed lightly, “I wore mascara tonight,” she teased him.

Logan grinned, but didn’t say anything as he grabbed her and kissed her again. After all, it wasn’t her eyes he was after.


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4 Responses to Because I said I would

  1. Sadako says:

    Thank you, Nikki! That rocked.

  2. Emily P says:

    WHAT?! Damn, I wanted more!

  3. nikki says:

    More, Emily P??? You'll have to use your sweet imagination. I think it goes something like this:Logan and Kristy have the secks. A lot of the secks. But Logan spends the whole time thinking about Mary Anne.

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