An apology, an explanation, and a hastily thrown together Alan Gray fanfic

I’m sorry.

I have no book to review this week. Last week I asked for help choosing my next book. I assumed that within a few days, I’d have a clear winner and I could start reading. But the whole time the poll was open, It’s Not the End of the World and Bummer Summer were neck and neck. I didn’t know which one would win, so I didn’t start either. (Not to mention, I’ve been reading an awesome unputdownable grown-up book, People of the Book, by Geraldine Brooks. Five stars, two thumbs up and all that. Go read it, you won’t be sorry).

So, what’s a blogger to do? I could have just skipped this week, but we all know that isn’t gonna happen. When a week goes by and I don’t blog, I get the itchy fingers. And right now my fingers have an itch that only a keyboard and Blogger can scratch. Also, Grady is napping and this is my favorite way to spend naptime on my days off work. I could have found some meme, but….eh. Not in a meme kinda mood.

So my new standby? BSC fanfic. I’m sure you’re all sick to death of it by now. But I never did a fanfic for my #1 favorite BSC book of all time, Logan Likes Mary Anne. And I owe it to myself because I love that book so much that I need to find a way to ruin it for me and all my wonderful readers.

So anyway, I’m now making two separate apologies. One for not having read your book of choice. (By the way Sadako, I have not one but TWO Norma Klein’s coming up!) The other apology is for the fanfic. I’ll try to chill out on this in the future. But no promises. Also, it’s more slash, so a third apology for that one!

Alan Gray: Man About Town

Alan Gray sat at the bar, five shots of whiskey in front of him, teasing him, waiting to be downed. In the weeks since his thirtieth birthday Alan had been doing a lot of thinking. He thought about how life somehow did not turn out the way he expected. He kept thinking back to middle school, in Stoneybrook Connecticut, remembering how he pretended to crush on both Kristy Thomas and Claudia Kishi. He had his own reasons for choosing those two. Kristy, because he assumed she’d be just as uninterested in him as he was in her (and he was right!), and Claudia…well because a lot of guys liked her. And that was a time when he was lying to himself and everyone else about who he really wanted. He hoped snagging the prettiest girl in school could turn that lie in to the truth.

But that was then. That was when he hid everything behind a sense of humor. Something he found he could no longer do, which is how he lost his last boyfriend.

“You’re no fun anymore, Alan,” Victor had said as he was packing his stuff up, ready to leave the Baltimore rowhouse they rented together.

Six months have passed since that day, and Alan filled each day from those six months with a crippling depresion and a lot of alcohol.

Which is just what Alan was planning on that fateful day in his favorite dive bar in Baltimore. He took his first two shots of whiskey fast, the warmth spreading to his stomach. He waited for the warmth to pass before grabbing for the third. As he was reaching for the third something strange happened. Someone dropped two yellow M&M’s in the empty shot glass in front of him. Before he could turn to see who it was, a voice from his past whispered in his ear.

“Well, if it isn’t Little Orphan Annie.”

Alan turned, shocked, to look at the face of the person standing behind him. Tall, shaggy dirty blond hair, brown eyes, wide smile, and a body that looked as though it had once been athletic, but had given way to a slight pudge from reaching thirty years old with too many hours in an office and not enough at the gym.

Alan smiled back, “Logan fucking Bruno!”

Logan shoved the three still-full shotglasses back toward the bartender and took Alan’s hand. “You don’t need these. Let’s get out of here.”

Alan didn’t protest, and followed Logan out of the dank bar and into the crisp Baltimore night.


Two years later, they were joined in a civil union, most of their friends from Stoneybrook showed up. Only a few understood the significance of the yellow M&M’s given away as party favors.


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8 Responses to An apology, an explanation, and a hastily thrown together Alan Gray fanfic

  1. Sadako says:

    Yay for Norma Klein! Thank you!Heh. Oh, the Little Orphan Annie refs NEVER get old. (Though was I the only one who was a little confused by that when I first read it? I knew vaguely about the musical Annie, but not the cartoon character version with the weird eyes!)

  2. Anonymous says:

    LOL "Victor"! Anyway, It's Not the End of the World would be phat! I just re-read Letters from Judy and the references kinda took me back.Also: for the poll? Claudia always knew how to spell and was just fuckin' with us…

  3. This is awesome. When I'm re-reading the books, I always have to remember that Byron/Jeff or Byron/Logan isn't canon. Janine/Charlie is the one that I am most interested in. And Kristy/Abby pretty much writes itself.

  4. Oh, and my favourite Norma Klein is Beginner's Love.

  5. Sadako says:

    Oh, well, Kristy/Abby just is. I mean, I never liked Abby that much but I love that she takes Kristy down a peg. They would make for some feisty lovers. Rawr!

  6. nikki says:

    I actually never read an Abby book, I outgrew the BSC about forty books before she showed up. That's why I included her existence being cut out as something worthy of fanfic canon 🙂 Ever since I started reading fanfic, I also have to remind myself that Byron/Jeff actually isn't canon….which is mostly thanks to the story Blue by Mackenzie. I totally love that pairing. My favorite Norma Klein is Going Backwards, which I just got of So I have that and That's My Baby to review!

  7. theunicorner says:

    Haha, I never get sick of BSC fic. Your fics are one of my fave parts of this blog!

  8. nikki says:

    Ahhh Unicorner…*blushes at the compliment*

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