Some quick blog business

Just a few quick notes before I get to my next “real” post (Bummer Summer, by the way).

Did you see my review of The Screwed-Up Life of Charlie the Second? If not, check it out. Oh, and read the comments. Because YES!!! An author of a book I reviewed left a comment. *Raises roof* So big fat thanks to Drew Ferguson for replying to my Goodreads message and checking me out here! It seriously made my week. Fuck, it seriously made my month. I’m in awe of published authors.

Also, for no apparent reason (except for the reasons I will explain in a minute) I’m on LiveJournal now. Don’t worry, it won’t take any precious time away from my blogging activities here. Anywhooooo, you can find me on LJ at:
And indeed, my LJ screen name does refer to the fabulous Ms. Spier. The reasons I decided to go on LJ? They’re kinda lame…..But I’ve been lurking at some of the communities there for a while. I wanted to join the BSC fanfic and BSC Snark on LJ for a while, because sometimes I really have the urge to comment, but I couldn’t without being an LJ member. Maybe one of these days I’ll write my own snarks. (But I don’t know…that is some serious snark going on over there. I don’t think I could fill those snarky shoes!) Also, I’ve had trouble finding good online parenting communities, and the LJ ones seem pretty cool. (FYI, for when any of my readers become parents (for those who aren’t already) the internet is chock-full of other moms waiting to judge you for every fucking decision you make or every question you have. It can really make you feel like shit.) My LJ account will be my third attempt at more personal writing and blogging. Let’s see if it sticks this time. So, if you’re on LJ, friend me. Send me a comment to let me know you read me here! Please!

And speaking of BSC Fanfic, from the results of my BSC Fanfic poll a couple weeks ago. Everyone pretty much agreed that Stacey’s a big slut. I appreciate that everyone thinks Stacey will end up a big slut. She’s totally gonna be the MILF when she has a teenage son. But my heart belongs with Byron/Jeff. And with Abby’s non-existence, but only because I’ve never read an Abby book. For all I know Abby could rock hardcore. (One of these days I will try one of her books. I promise…..)

Finally, I have this picture I want to share with you. My son (who is 2 1/2 years old) has these Fisher-Price Little People toys. This one toy came with the school bus, which he got on his first birthday. I immediately named her Mallory Pike. Because, well…just take a look at her! (sorry for the shitty quality)

” My parents are so unfair! Life will be awesome when I’m thirteen!”

If that isn’t Mallory fucking Pike, I don’t know what is!


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4 Responses to Some quick blog business

  1. theunicorner says:

    ROFL at "Mallory Pike."I'm adding you on livejournal; I'm sidewalk_doctor.Oh god, BSC fanfic. I think you've just tipped me off to a potential addiction even more insidious than Make It or Break It. :/

  2. nikki says:

    Unicorner, I can't even start watching Make it or Break it. I just can't, I'd get totally addicted in such a bad way. That's why I need your MIOBI snark!

  3. Katie Fries says:

    HA! Leave it to this post to force me to come out of lurkerdom after the Norma Klein post *almost* made me do it last week. But anyway, yeah, my kids have that Little People toy and I've thought the same thing for YEARS. They also have a Stacey (big blonde hair), a Clauida (Asian girl who came with the ice cream truck) and a Kristy (female construction worker). Why yes, Little People toys do make me think of the BSC. :shamebag:

  4. nikki says:

    Katie: Thanks for coming out of 'lurkdom' to tell me that! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thought that was Mallory. Sadly, my son is waaay more into the Little People animals than the people, so I probably won't have a chance to collect the BSC in Little People. Though that would have made an excellent blog post!

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