Award and question

I’m more than happy to accept this award from Sadako. I told her and I’ll tell you too; Sadako rocks my world.

Once you receive this award you are to list seven of your favorite things and then nominate seven other blogs.

My seven things:

1. The Rotten Tomatoes show on Current. This is the TV show based on the Rotten Tomatoes website. It is the best fucking snark on TV. If you get Current, please check it out.

2. Sandra Boynton. One of the few children’s authors whose books I’ll never get sick of reading to Grady. (Mo Willems, Dr. Seuss, and Margaret “Oh-So” Wise Brown are three others in this category!)

3. 100% no sugar added Cranberry Blueberry juice by Ocean Spray. This stuff is crack.

4. Montgomery County Friends of the Library used book store. Without that store, you wouldn’t have read half of these posts.

5. Arrested Development. There is no limit to the amount of times I can watch the show on DVD. Each time I see an episode, I catch something I didn’t catch before.

6. Annapolis, Maryland. Went there with some friends a couple weekends ago. Each time I’m there, I feel like I should live there. It’s my favorite small city.

7. Fanfiction. Because it’s fun.

So now I have to nominate some other deserving blogs. So here goes:

-Children of the 90’s
-Booking Through 365
-The Chick Manifesto
-Sheep are IN
-The Unicorner
-Somewhere Between YA Lit and Death – OK, I mostly nominated this one to light a fire under Ames’ ass to get her to post again. Ames, if you don’t post again, I may be forced to go into the realm of Lurlene McDaniels. And no one wants that. (Or at least, I’m not sure I want it)

And now: I have a question for you, dear readers. Please, please help me with this if you can!

My friend, Elissa asked if I remembered a YA book where the protag and her best friend kept powdered jello in their lockets and told people it was poison. I know I’ve fucking read that book, and I’m completely drawing a blank on it. I can’t even remember the plot, just the stupid jello. Anyone have any ideas?


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9 Responses to Award and question

  1. Sadako says:

    Aww, you rock my world too, Nikki!The cran blue berry juice sounds awesome. Lately I'm just on regular cranberry juice, though cran apple's pretty nice, too. I'm so over orange juice. Sure, it's okay, but it doesn't taste as good and what has it ever done for my urinary tract?

  2. Michelle says:

    Argh, I remember that book but can't remember anything else about it! Are we twins?

  3. theunicorner says:

    Thanks for the award, dude!

  4. Connor says:

    Your friend would be looking for A Secret Friend by Marilyn Sachs.

  5. Thank you Connor! (And thank you Nikki for asking and linking to my blog! I'll be reading the book and mentioning it and you there ASAP!)

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