Here’s to you, 2009

I’m in a little bit of a creative drought.  I wanted to do some kind of super clever year-end blog post, but I was coming up empty.  Then I was hit with a Beautiful Blogger Award from Ali over at Travel Rambling. And I thought, duh.  Awards season.  So first, I’m going to do what’s necessary for the Beautiful Blogger award, then I’m going to give out some year-end awards of my own.  (What to call these awards?  The Youthies?  The Nikkis?  The Blumeys?)

Here are the rules that came with the award:

1) Thank the person who nominated me for this award.
2) Copy the award & place it on my blog.
3) Link to the person who nominated me for this award.
4) Tell us 7 interesting things about yourself.
5) Nominate 7 bloggers.
6) Post links to the 7 blogs I nominate.

Thanks Ali!  I do read your blog, but I never comment because I never fucking go anywhere, so I have nothing to add. 

Seven interesting things about me:

1-I’m a huge Ben Folds fan and have seen him five times in concert.  (In five different venues!)
2-I named my son after a character in a Michael Chabon novel. Chabon is my favorite author, and I could get my husband to agree to the name Grady, after Grady Tripp in Wonder Boys.  All my kids from here on out (knock wood) are going to get names from novels. 
3-Speaking of names, I’m obsessed with names.  And one of my reading pet peeves is anachronistic names in novels.   I spend way too much time thinking about characters’ names. 
4-I’m the third of five children. And oh my God, yes I suffered from a severe case of Jan Brady syndrome growing up.
5-I’m pretty much the LEAST competitive person you’ll ever meet, much to the consternation of my high school swimming coach.  I just don’t care about winning.  It’s also why I’m a wishy washy sports fan.  I like watching sports, but I can’t make myself care too much. 
6- Despite the above, I’m a soccer fan.  I can’t freaking wait for the 2010 World Cup, especially since the U.S. got a decent draw.   Other teams I follow?  DC United in the MLS and Everton in EPL. 
7-I’m a couch potato who wishes I wasn’t. 

As for the seven blogs to nominate?  Well, I got this award from Ali, who got it from Sadako.  And it seems that we pretty much run in the same blogging circles.  So some of you may have already received this award, and if you have.  I’m sorry.  You should feel both flattered and annoyed.  

1-Oldschoolpopculture:  I just discovered this one a couple days ago.  And I’m hooked, even becoming a fan on the old Facebook. 
2-Worst of the Worst Fan Fiction: It is exactly what it sounds like.  Snark on really bad fanfic. 
3-Nostomanic – We all ❤ nostalgia, right?  That’s pretty much why most of you are here, I assume. 
4-30 is the New 13 – Squirm and laugh at the writing of a 13 year old through a the eyes of her 30 year old counterpart.
5-The Unprofessional Critic – Takes on pop culture.  AND she took my request for a Glee review – in which I found out she likes Mike O’Malley as much as I do.
6-Somewhere Between Y.A. Lit and Death  -Ames hasn’t updated since early 2009, but I will always give her an award because I want to light a fire under her ass to start updating more!!!! (*shakes fist at you, Ames)
7-What Claudia Wore – If you haven’t been there.  Go there. Now.

Now…..drumroll please…..I’m here to present the 2009 Are You There Youth Awards!  (All awards are based on books I read and reviewed this year.  From Forever….the first week in January to Beloved Benjamin is Waiting just last week.) 

  • Most Fun to Review:  Let’s face it, some books and blog posts, I just drag my ass through.  Then there are those that I enjoy way more for no particular reason.  And, for whatever reason, I had a kick ass time reading and reviewing (and, of course, fanficing) The Ghost at Dawn’s House. I’m not sure what it was…maybe it was the amount of Jeff time.  Maybe it’s that Dawn wasn’t a mega bitch yet.  Maybe it was realizing what a slut Sharon is.  But I loved everything about reading it and writing about it.  
  • Most Disappointing: A Secret Friend.  I remembered this book being much better than it was.  I can’t believe I wasted a paperbackswap credit on it. The plot was just nonsense. 
  • Happiest to Re-read:  It’s a tie.  Beloved Benjamin is Waiting, only because it took me so long to find it.  Maniac Magee, because it was even better than I remembered it.   
  • Most Ridiculous:  Another tie, but we can give the award outright to Betsy Haynes, because she wrote the two most idiotic books I read this year (and that’s saying something, considering I read two SVT books this year).   I’m talking, of course, about The Great Mom Swap and Taffy Sinclair, Queen of the Soaps.  
  • Best Angst: Hands down, The Wind Blows Backwards.  Lauren and Spencer make Edward and Bella look like platonic buddies.  And Spencer makes suicide seem sexxxxy. 
  • Worst Y.A. Parents;  I must confess that I have an essay that I’ve been working on here and there for months about parenting in YA lit.  One of these days, I’ll finish it and post it.  In the mean time, I’m not going to go for the obvious abusive parents in Beloved Benjamin, but I will say the Miglione’s in Then Again, Maybe I Won’t.   Judy Blume’s parents are always deeply flawed, but none moreso than Carmela Miglione.  
  • Biggest cunt – No idea.  Just look at the cunt log.  How am I supposed to choose which of those cunts is the biggest?
  • My best YA Blogging moment of the year – Well, there are a lot to choose from.  Just a couple weeks ago, Sadako and I got into an email conversation about our love of Richard Spier.  It’s awesome to hear from readers like that!  Then there was The Wordy Ninja giving me a soapbox on in an interview.  Then there was Drew Ferguson, author of The Screwed-Up Life of Charlie the Second leaving me a comment on my review of his book AND answering my gushing email(s).  Because I’m in awe of published authors!

         But really, the moment of the year for me was meeting Judy Blume at the National Book Festival.  She was a fucking rock star, signing well past her allotted time.  Thirteen half-block long single file lines.  I was at the end of the fourth line and it took just over an hour to get there.  I wanted to say so much to her, but I clammed up.  She took the initiative though, and told me that she and her son are working on a Tiger Eyes screenplay (squee!).  Then I waited all day to hear her speak, as she was the last speaker featured.  And what a treat it was.  Every answer received a well-deserved standing O.  It was unbelievable seeing how broad a spectrum of a fan base Judy Blume has.  There were kids as young as eight (mostly with the Fudge books), women in their twenties, thirties, forties.  I even saw a few septegenarians there with their copies of Summer Sisters.  Not just that, but one woman asked Judy how she explains her appeal to women of color, and when she asked that I looked around. And it was so true.  The over-crowded tent was filled with women of every race imaginable.  So that was my favorite moment of the year.  Meeting Judy Blume.  Seeing her speak to a crowd of adoring fans.  She’s brilliant and she’s my hero. 


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15 Responses to Here’s to you, 2009

  1. Pebble Stone says:

    I agree; this was a fantastic book-y year, and the Judy Blume thing sounds brilliant!

  2. Sadako says:

    Judy BLume rocks! As does your blog.I love youthies AND nikkies!

  3. I adore soccer too!!! I can't wait for the world cup!

  4. oldschoolpopculture says:

    🙂 Thanks for the award! You rock, so I gave one back.

  5. Maggi says:

    Congrats on the award! Meeting Blume would have been my highlight of the year as well, that's awesome!

  6. Amber says:

    Thank you for the award!I'm also a pretty big Chabon fan. I work in Berkeley (where he lives) and know his address and phone number because I'm a super stalker. I want to write him a letter or call him and tell him how awesome he is but I'll never do it because that would be truly creepy.

  7. Sada says:

    Congratulations and thank you! What a wonderful Christmas gift. Love your blog and your unabashedly foul mouth (which I totally have in real life too, even though I keep it semi-clean on the blog… at least until we get to my 7th grade diary). Give my regards to Judy!

  8. Nominated on my blog- Fitzie's of course!

  9. nikki says:

    Amber – totally jealous of your close proximity to Michael Chabon! His new book of essays, Manhood for Amateurs, is absolutely awesome! Sada- my foul mouth started in about seventh grade also!

  10. Kathryn says:

    Congratulations on a great year of blogging 🙂 You're one of my go-to blogs that I check daily, and I love your POV.As far as the poll goes, I'd love more BSC posts (especially if the include fanfic!), but I also like when you do stand-alone YA titles from your youth 🙂

  11. Julie says:

    I loved your Ghost at Dawn's House review (and fic). Glad you enjoyed it, too… I love early series Dawn.Meeting Judy Blume sounds amazing!

  12. (Belated) thanks for the award! I like your blog too. :)Funny story: a couple of days ago, I found a rerun of Mike O'Malley's old sitcom. He ran into Bret Michaels and was geeking out. I immediately thought of you!And I too am obsessed with characters' names. My characters' names have to be EXACTLY RIGHT.I also love Ben Folds, though I've only seen him live once. In fact, the protagonist and love interest in the novel I'm working on are named after a Ben Folds song!Happy New Year!

  13. nikki says:

    Maybe I'm Amazed — are they Zak and Sara by any chance? My husband and I danced to Ben Folds' The Luckiest at our wedding.

  14. Carin says:

    recently found you and was reading through your archives. About baby names, do you know this site: It's awesome. For instance, when you noted that the kid in the BSC SS#8 has a girlfriend named Carol so she must be a 45-year-old soccer mom, you totally called it. The peak year for popularity of the name Carol? 1940. Nikki peaked in 1970s (duh). Loving your reviews!

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