Shadow Lake Fanfiction; By Sadako

Guys!  Sadako (from the hilarious Dibbly Fresh) wrote the Shadow Lake ficlet.  It’s super hilarious and totally Jessi-centric.  I only wish I was as clever as Sadako.  Without further adieu…..

As I raised out my long cocoa colored leg to the barre, I wondered what to say to Daniel. Meeting him was really fun, but…he was kind of a drag. Plus, what about Quint, my sort of kind of boyfriend who goes to Julliard? How was he going to continue to use me as a beard if I went off gallivanting with every cute boy I met on vacation? I shrugged my mocha colored shoulders.

My best friend, Mallory Pike, appeared in the doorway. “Jessi, what’s wrong? I’ve been calling you for ten minutes. It’s almost time to get ready for the dance tonight.”

Oops. “Sorry, I was just thinking…about Daniel.”

“That cute guy you met a few days ago?”

“I’m not sure I’m that into him, though. I don’t know what to do!”

“Well. Maybe you should talk to him.” She smiled sympathetically. Mal’s a great friend. She always knows what to do.

Mallory turned to go. “Hey Mal?” I wanted to say something to her that showed I really cared about her, too.

She looked at me. I smiled warmly. “I bet this fall, your parents will finally cave about the nose job issue.”

*      *     *

That night, wearing my spandex black biker shorts and a long blue top I borrowed from Claudia, I nervously searched the crowd. Daniel’s ebony skin made him easy to spot right away.

He was a great dancer. But as he leaned in, I had to say something. “Daniel? I’m…not sure I feel…you know, that way about you. You’re great and all, but…”

“Um, Jessi? I’ve got a girlfriend at home. I never thought of you as…Well. I guess I’d like to just be friends, too.”

I was a embarrassed, but a bit relieved. I glanced over at Mallory scratching away at her bug bites on the sidelines of the dance floor while Kristy rolled her eyes at her. What a great vacation this was turning out to be.

“Hey Daniel,” I said, “do you–

Suddenly a thin, intense looking man was next to me.

“Um. What did you say?” he asked me. Daniel and I glanced at each other. “Sorry, I don’t mean to intrude. But I think the two of you should give this another try.”

Grabbing my hand, he pulled me aside. “Listen, honey. I know he’s kind of annoying. He talks way too much and his jokes go over like a lead balloon. But you won’t get to go to New York City for a while to see the Quint-let, and well…frankly, you won’t get another kiss for another twenty books or so if you don’t make it work!”

I suddenly found myself wishing I’d listened closer to Aunt Cecilia’s advice about strange men.

“This is the only black guy we’re going to get on the series for a while! You have to make nice, Jessi. Personally, I’m cool with the whole interracial angle–I’d have you on a couple of dates with Pete Black or Trevor Sandbourne if it were all about me because, girl, you are just as much as an individual as Dawn Schafer…but Ann and Ellen would have my balls on a platter.”

The man pressed a business card into my hand. “If you ever want to talk…”

“And Jessi, honey, remember–you are as fabulous as the day is long.” Suddenly he was gone.

Daniel came over. “Who was that guy?”

Kristy was beside me. “Does he have kids?”

I looked at the card. There was a phone number and the words PETER LERANGIS. I stared at it, puzzled, then shrugged.


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12 Responses to Shadow Lake Fanfiction; By Sadako

  1. nikki says:

    I gotta leave the first comment. There are so many things I love about this. -Jessi is Quint's beard!-Jessi's outfit.-Jessi talking to Mal about her nose job.-The blending of BSC-verse with real life Peter Lerangis.-Kristy "Does he have kids?" Bwah!-Ann's frowning at inter-racial relationships. (I always thought a lesbian would be more…liberal about that sorta thing)Seriously, thanks for writing this and making my day 🙂

  2. I am cracking up. But question: is Jessi black? THERE'S NO WAY TO KNOW!

  3. All you had to say was "long cocoa-colored leg" and I was GONE.Fabulous.

  4. Thanks, Sadako! This just made my day! I love it!

  5. Sadako says:

    Thanks, Nikki, and all! Glad you guys liked it. =D

  6. Sada says:

    Ha ha ha ha. And also? Ha.

  7. Amber says:

    If anyone plans on making a Shadow Lake fan film I'll happily volunteer my mocha colored shoulders to the project.

  8. nikki says:

    You're in, Amber. But only if you have those loooong dancer's legs. And you don't mind wearing a leotard and mom jeans to every BSC meeting.

  9. oldschoolpopculture says:

    This is pure awesomeness! Peter Lerangis! Does he have kids? LOL!!!

  10. Sadako says:

    I tweeted at Lerangis and he said he liked the fanfic I wrote! Ahhh! 😀

  11. nikki says:

    Sadako – That is freaking AWESOME!

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