In every generation a slayer is born.

Are you ready to watch me get all crazy fangirly?  

It’s another one of my very infrequent non-book reviews!

If you asked me what my favorite TV shows ever are, for the last few years my answer would have been the same.  Arrested Development and Six Feet Under.   Guess what Arrested Development and Six Feet Under?  There’s a new kid in town.

My sister, the persistent bitch I’ve talked about before, had been after me for quite a while to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which aired on WB and UPN from 1997-2003.  And for whatever reason, I’ve always resisted it.  Then a while ago, I kind of discovered something about myself.  Which is that I sort of like Sci-Fi and fantasy stories.  And so, last October I went to visit my sister and she played me her favorite episode of Buffy, Hush (from season four).

Did I like?  Fuck yeah I did!  My love was instantaneous and so I borrowed all seven seasons on DVD.  I started at the beginning.  Slowly at first.  Then one day my husband was trying to work while I was watching the first episode of season two, and he couldn’t help but pay attention.  So from then on, we watched about one episode a night until we finished the seventh and final season.  All told, I watched the whole series in about seven months.  In a way, I feel like I missed out by not watching earlier.  But I’m a huge fan of TV series on DVD and I loved getting to watch the storylines play out back to back to back like that. 

The year was 1997 and Buffy Summers was the new girl at Sunnydale High School.  Only a sophomore, Buffy had learned the year before that she’s been chosen by a mystical group to be the Slayer. She’d gotten kicked out of her Los Angeles high school last year for burning the gym down. (It wasn’t her fault! There was a nest of vamps!).  What Buffy doesn’t know is that fate brought her to Sunnydale.  You see, Sunnydale rests on The Hellmouth, which means the town is ripe with vampiric and other demonic activity.  Buffy wants to leave her slaying behind her, but soon learns that she is special, she was chosen to be the slayer and it’s a position from which she can not run. 

She gets help from her Watcher, Rupert Giles, who doubles as the high school’s librarian.  Buffy quickly befriends, Willow Rosenberg and Willow’s best friend forever, Xander Harris.  Buffy is unlucky enough to get on the bad side of the most popular girl in school, Cordelia Chase.  And she is being followed by a mysterious brooding stranger named Angel. The gang is quickly dubbed ‘The Scoobies,’ or ‘The Scooby Gang.’  The Scoobies all assist Buffy in her quest to rid the world of demonic activity. 

And so began the saga.  It’s almost impossible to give a real review of this show for a few reasons.  One is that I want anyone who hasn’t watched the show to do so and I don’t want to give away too many spoilers.  The other is that the storylines become so far reaching and complex that it would take much more time than I’m willing to give.  So, I’m going to give a quick rundown of the main characters, trying not to give away too much about them. 

-Buffy Summers (Sarah Michelle Gellar).

She is the Slayer.  The Chosen One.  A pretty girl who loves clothes and boys.  On the surface, she’s a typical teenager.  She struggles with school and can be slightly air-headed.  But when it comes to slaying, she’s great.  She has super human strength, kick-ass moves, and a sense of where and when to expect danger.  Word on the vampire street is that she’s the most formidable slayer ever. 

-Willow Rosenberg (the adorable Alyson Hannigan).

Buffy’s best friend.  Willow is shy and nerdy at the beginning.  A true computer geek, she’s often used to break into the school’s (or the town’s, or the federal government’s) computer systems.   As the seasons progress, Willow becomes an extremely powerful witch, using spells and chants to assist Buffy in making sure our world is demon-free.  And then her magical power gets out of control. Also, eventually she becomes a lesbian.

-Xander Harris (Nicholas Brendon).

 (He doesn’t always have the eye patch…only at the end of season 7.  I just love him with it)

Willow’s lifelong best friend.  Initially has a crush on Buffy in the early seasons.  Xander is a geeky slacker of a high school kid when we first meet him.  His main personality trait is a sarcastic sense of humor, though he often becomes a voice of reason when Buffy’s temper gets the best of her.  Xander is always willing to stick his neck out and risk horrible injury (see above eye patch) to help Buffy and Willow fight demons.  He has no special powers, a fact which he is painfully aware of.  Though one could argue that an almost stupid sense of loyalty is his strongest asset. 

-Rupert Giles (Anthony Stewart Head).  Seasons 1-5, appearances in 6&7.

Assigned by the Council of Watchers to be Buffy’s watcher.  Giles maintains Buffy’s training schedule and heads up the gang’s research on various demons who visit Sunnydale.  Giles boasts an impressive library of books on demons and his own knowledge is vast.  Giles is British and is occasionally exasperated at being stuck working with flighty American teenagers.  We get a handful of stories of Giles in his earlier days, when he was called Ripper.  The series’ biggest downfall is that Giles’ Ripper personality was not fully formed. 

-Cordelia Chase (Charisma Carpenter) Seasons 1-3 only.

The bitchiest and most popular girl at Sunnydale High, Cordy gets involuntarily involved with fighting demons in Sunnydale.  She’s not happy about it.  Also, she’s not entirely happy about losing her popularity when she begins dating Xander. She leaves the show after three seasons to be on the BtVS spinoff, Angel.  Which brings us to…..

-Angel/Angelus (played by cheating douchenozzle David Boreanaz) – Seasons 1-3, occasional appearances throughout the rest of the series.

 Buffy’s first love interest.  He’s a vampire who was cursed many years ago and given his soul back.  Because he has a soul, he can’t kill humans for the blood he needs.  He is moody and broody, but he does fall in love with Buffy.  Things happen, including a brief stint where his soul is removed and he becomes bad again, and his relationship with Buffy is just not meant to last.  Mostly because the WB gave him his own spinoff series, Angel

-Spike (played by smokin’ hottie James Marsters).  Seasons 2, 4-7.

I almost don’t know what to say about Spike except that he is the BEST TELEVISION CHARACTER EVER.  I’m not even sure that’s hyperbole speaking.  Spike might actually be my favorite character ever to appear on any TV show in the history of television.  I think you could definitely make an argument that he’s the most complex.  There’s so little I can actually say about Spike without giving away spoilers.  He’s a vampire, one of the Big Bads from season two.  He returns in season four, has some…work (for lack of a better word) done on his brain and by the middle of season five, he’s one of the scoobies.  Although it’s quite a while before you can decide if he’s a good guy or a bad guy or somewhere uncomfortably in between. Also, I’d like to point out that the first four seasons, I had a hopeless crush on Giles.  Then in season five, I started to dig on Spike some more. Then there was this dream sequence where Spike realizes he love Buffy and it’s hot and, unfortunately I can’t find it on YouTube.  But it changed me from a Giles girl to a Spike girl.

-Anya (Emma Caulfield).  Season 3, 4-7.

Anya was a vengeance demon who came to Sunnydale to enact some vengeance on Buffy and Xander on Cordy’s behalf.  Things happen and she loses her demonic powers.  Anya becomes a love interest for Xander and is fully entrenched in the scoobies by season five.  The best part about Anya is that because she’s new to being human, she’s new to human emotions, new to social graces.  So she lacks ANY tact, which makes for hilarious dialogue. 

-Tara (Amber Benson)- Seasons 4-6.

A witch who is never a full fledged member of the scooby gang, she is important nonetheless and not just as Willow’s love interest. 

-Dawn Summers (Michelle Trachtenberg) Seasons 5-7.

Jesus. I can’t even say anything about Dawn without giving away major spoilers.

But it’s not just them, there are several other characters who make the show worthwhile.  Oz (Seth Green), as Willow’s first love interest with an odd character trait. Drusilla (Juliet Landau) as Spike’s sire and second season Big Bad. Jonathan (?), a sad nerdy student at Sunnydale who makes occasional reappearances throughout the series. Amy, a fellow witch and friend of Willow’s who spends much of the series trapped in a rat’s body. Riley, Buffy’s season four and five boyfriend with a top-level secret. 

What to say about this show?  Well, it’s broken up like this.  Each season features one “Big Bad,” which Buffy and Co. spend most of the time fighting, and the episodes from that season will mostly focus on the Big Bad story arc.  One of the things that makes Buffy so fantastic, is that it’s a multi-layered show, and there will be several story arcs, some of which end up woven into the Big Bad arc, some of which are simply separate arcs. 

What else makes this the “OMG BEST SHOW EVER!!!?” 

•    The dialogue.  Anyone who has ever seen anything written by series creator Joss Whedon knows that the man has a knack for dialogue.  Whether it’s Xander’s sarcastic comments, Willow’s geeky fretfulness, Giles’ annoyance or Spike’s bitter truths, Joss knows how to write some great dialogue.
•    The humor.  The show is a sci-fi drama.  It really is and there’s no denying it.  And yet, I laughed at least once in every episode (except maybe The Body from season five.) Mostly that’s due to the dialogue.  You want a good example?  In season two, Angel is briefly a bad vampire, hanging out with that season’s Big Bads, Spike and Drusilla.  Spike gives Dru a necklace as a gift.  Not to be outdone, Angel gives Dru a human heart.  His line? “I found it in a quaint little shopgirl.”  My god, that’s good stuff.
•    The characters.  Obviously a show that runs for one hour for seven seasons (well, six and a half – the first season was only a half season) can really develop the characters.  And Joss and Co. do a fabulous job of it. While we can say certain things about certain characters’ personality traits (i.e. Cordy’s a bitch, Willow’s a nerd, Giles is stuffy, etc) there are moments where these characters will act in ways that surprise you.  You know, just like people are apt to do in real life.  In so many ways, the action in the show is used just as much for character development as it is plot development. I’ve never seen character development like this on screen.  This is character development taken to novel-levels.  Theses could be written on each character in this show.  
•    The feminism.  I’m sorry – did I just turn you off?  Seriously, how is the most feminist television show I’ve ever watched created by a man? The show is feminist without falling into any trappings of a typical feminist show – even with the eventual lesbianism of one main character.  It’s in no way militantly feminist and sometimes even feels quite feminine.  (And balancing the feminine with the feminist is no easy feat).  The girl characters are rarely (if ever) made to play the damsel in distress role.  The girls are equally as smart as the boys.  Buffy is given four different sexual partners throughout the series without it ever being suggested that she’s slutty.  Joss has managed to create girl characters that are equal to the boys without in any way making the boys and men in the show seem weak and without making the girl characters seem too ‘manly.’ 
•    The plot.  How stupid is it that the plot is way down on the list of what makes this show so great?  Listen, the plot in the first season is pretty lame (really?  A teacher who’s actually a giant praying mantis?).  But if you plan on watching this show, and I hope you do, just muddle through the mostly ridiculous first season.  Don’t skip it, because there are some pretty important events, and it’s not terrible.  It’s just that starting with season two is really when the show hits it’s stride.  And seasons four and five?  They are shockingly good. 
•    The show is dead sexy.  See mostly season six. 
•    The show doesn’t shy away from making really bad things happen to main characters.  So often major characters are spared from anything horrible happening to them and only minor characters are introduced for the sole purpose of being killed off so a major character doesn’t have to be (see: Star Trek).  Not BtVS.  Main characters are killed off.  Main characters become killers.  It’s awesome and so unexpected. 

All right, all right.  You’ve had enough of my crush on this series.  Do I need to go on or are you going to go out and watch it?

And for those of you who have watched it, here are my top ten Buffy episodes.  Argue with me or agree with me at your will in the comments.

  1. The Gift (season 5 ep 22).  The fifth season finale.  This was originally intended to be the series finale, as the show was canceled by WB (It was later picked up by UPN). Far and away the best episode in the series, with an ending that hit me right in the gut.  
  2. The Body (season 5 ep 16).  The saddest episode on TV.  It was shot beautifully with a lot of wide angles and off center focuses.  No sound track because the plot needed to speak for itself.  
  3. Hush (season 4 ep 10) – The only time BtVS was nominated for an emmy was for the writing for this excellent episode. 
  4. Something Blue (season 4 ep 9) – We start to learn how awesomely powerful Willow actually is, with results that are both scary and hilarious.
  5. Once More, With Feeling (season 6 ep 7) – It’s a musical episode. Pretty much only the demon, Giles and Tara have good voices, but you gotta admire the shit out of the rest of them for being such troopers.  
  6. Tabula Rasa (season 6 ep8) I consider this one part & parcel of a bigger picture along with Once More, With Feeling.  This is a surprisingly funny episode.  Chock full of the dialogue that makes this show so fantastic. 
  7. Band Candy (season 3 ep 6) This is one of the random episodes that has nothing to do with the Big Bad arc.  Usually those are the weakest episodes, but Band Candy is just…God.  It’s a really good time. 
  8. Fool for Love (season 5 ep 7) We learn a little about Spike’s history! 
  9. Graduation Day, Parts One and Two (Season 3 eps 21 &22).  Yeah, they’re two episodes, but they are back to back and the finale of season three.  We learn just how good a leader Buffy can be.  
  10. Passion (Season 2 ep 17) – I pretty much hated Angel, except when he was his badass alter-ego Angelus.  And Angelus is sooo fucking badass in this episode.  

Honorable mention goes to the entire second half of the seventh season, which never strays from the Big Bad story arc, and in fact the entire scope of what they’re dealing with becomes huge.  From the episode “Showtime” (ep 11) through the end of the series plays like one long epic movie.  And it sets the stage nicely for the season eight graphic novels. 

I could go on, but this post is long enough.  Which I apologize for.  I’m sure there are entire blogs devoted to deconstructing Buffy, and it’s more than I can get into in one post.  So I’m just going to leave you with a little Spike-centric video.  (Why the FUCK was James Marsters never Emmy nominated for his portrayal of Spike??? Answer – Because Emmy has a bias against sci-fi/fantasy shows not named Lost and against shows on the WB/UPN/CW. That’s why)


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31 Responses to In every generation a slayer is born.

  1. I loved Buffy too!!!! Alyson Hannigan is so great! Do you watch How I Met Your Mother?

  2. OMG, I LOVE when someone new watches BTVS! It's my favorite TV show ever!!! There was actually talk of making a spinoff show called Ripper about Giles as Ripper, but it never happened, sadly.I think Spike was my favorite TV character ever until I started watching Dexter…now Spike is a close second ;)I found it interesting that you enjoyed season 7 so well…I know a lot of long time fans of the series weren't so fond of it. I'm mostly partial to the pre-Dawn seasons myself, I can't stand that character and that made it all the more difficult when The Gift happened.I've been thinking about rewatching the series and reviewing it on my blog, you may have motivated me to do it!

  3. nikki says:

    ABAO-Yes I watch HIMYM. Love Alyson Hannigan like crazy. Crystal – I actually didn't really find any single episode of seven to be super great. It was less humorous than prior seasons. But I liked the season as a whole because the scope of what they were dealing with was just enormous. And it was really a coming of age season for Buffy. I thought the sixth season was the weakest (besides the first), even though I really loved Once More, With Feeling and Tabula Rasa. 4th and 5th were my clear favorites.

  4. Yes! Another convert! I was lucky enough to just be entering my teen years when Buffy debuted. I too am more of a fan of the pre-Dawn seasons. The episodes you picked for your top ten are all on mine too, and if I could expand the list to 17, I'd add (the Willow-centric episode) Doppelgangland; Normal Again; Fear, Itself; Restless; Who Are You?, Helpless and Selfless. It's not just a fluke that I've chosen Tabula Rasa as a username. It was definitely inspired by the Buffy ep 🙂

  5. Misty says:

    I LOVE every episode on your list. So fantastic. Hush is one of my absolute faves, and I just watched Once More with Feeling again on Netflix a couple of days ago (and since they have all seasons available to watch immediately, I think that's going to be a lot of my future time taken up…)So now you know, you must watch Angel too. The chem between Spike and Angel is fantastic — they are truly hilarious.(and while you're at it, watch Whedon's other magnificence, Firefly)

  6. Jen says:

    That's awesome that you got into Buffy, no matter how late it felt like. I started watching the show in high school, I was a pretty devote fan of the WB afterward (Dawsons, Felicity, blah, blah), but it all started with Buffy. I can't believe HUSH was your first episode! It's pretty dark (and quiet). =) I secretly love the camp of the 1st season, but 2 & 3 are my absolute favorites. There are standout episodes throughout the rest of the series (you mentioned The Body, holy shit that's a doozy), but the high school years are really where it's at for me. Damn, now I want to go back and watch some Buffy!

  7. Caroline says:

    I get sad when I think we have to tiptoe around feminists/feminism, or say it quietly (and that's not a slam against you, but something I've been dealing with with some of the books and reviews I've been reading). ANYWAYWhen I was at university in Toronto, Nicholas Brendan was filming a TV movie on my street. His trailer was across from my dorm, and we used to see him sometimes, coming and going.

  8. sharkcrow says:

    This post motivated me to spend my Saturday night revisiting season 7. I was a huge fan in late high school, and seasons 2 and 3 are my favourites 🙂 After re-watching last night, I have to say the Andrew-centric 'Storyteller' episode is pretty high up on my top 10

  9. Lorelai says:

    It is absolutely ridiculous that your top 10 episodes are my top 10 episodes. I have all the DVDs (that I collected disc-by-disc, and it took me YEARS) but I still go out of my way to watch reruns at 1am on a Friday.By the way, Anya is freakin' awesome.

  10. nikki says:

    I'm surprised at all the season 2&3 love here! I really liked 4&5 the best. Not that there was anything wrong with 2&3. I just really dug The Initiative and Glory as Big Bads and I loved the way the characters matured during those two seasons. Also, I always found Angel to be a weak link in the series, so I wasn't at all disappointed to see him go. So, sorry Misty. I've seen one episode of Angel and David Boreanaz still couldn't act his way out of a wet paper bag. I've just gotta skip that series, even though I know Spike joins later on. Caroline – my point about the feminism is just that touting something as feminist can turn some people off. But when I say something is feminist, I mean it as a compliment!

  11. Lauren says:

    When my husband and I got together, he tried to convince me that Buffy was the best show ever and that I HAD to watch it. I made so much fun of him, but eventually agreed to watch it with him. It had a rocky, cheesy start for sure, but once it hit its stride – holy cow! I agree with you that Spike is the best character of EVER.Netflix is streaming Angel so we're halfway through Season 2 of that… definitely not as good, but cameos and Wesley make it better. I'm mostly just in it for the Spike and Andrew cameos I've heard come throughout the series. We've at least got Drusilla back, so that's fun 🙂

  12. Brista says:

    Ah! I can't read this — I am at the beginning of the third season and I don't want to know who makes it 'till the end of the series. Please tell me Cordelia dies before then. 😉

  13. Ha ha, I have converted many people to Buffy. I am very glad you joined the ranks.I was inspired to bust out season 3 and watch the last two eps during nap time this weekend. I agree with everything on your list too. I have to say that if you want more more more Blonie Bear, at least do the last season of Angel. I can fill you in on any back story you may need to know. Dont forget my dvds when you come to visit- I am going to rewatch starting season 2. I've alrady done season 1 about four times, I think its no longer necessary for me.

  14. Marisa says:

    I have never watched Buffy and was never big into the vampire craz until Twilight came out. Then I ended up reading all of those books and all of the Vampire Diaries. I am not completely in love with the Vampire story lines. After reading your review of Buffy I think I need to netflix the series this summer 🙂

  15. Caroline says:

    Oh yeah, Nikki, I totally saw that (and think that you're awesome for it!), and agree completely.

  16. Katie Fries says:

    I absolutely agree with your list, although I rank seasons 2 (love Spike and Dru…and Oz) and 5 as my favorites. Season 4 is probably my least favorite, though it does have some standout episodes.I absoultely agree that Spike is one of the greatest (hottest) characters to grace the television screen. It is definitely worth watching the last season of Angel for Spike.

  17. decoy says:

    Woot! Firefly love!While I didn't hate season 4+ the way some of the hardcore fans do, I'm definately of the opinion that Season 2 and 3 are the top of the line.That being said, when it comes to individual episodes, I tend to span the run of the show.So for my own amusement:1: Dopplegangerland2: Badgirls3: Once More with Feeling4: Hush5: Phases6: Passion7: Earshot8: Band candy9: Something Blue10: CheckpointThat said – check out Firefly if you haven't allready

  18. Amiee says:

    I loved Hush too, it was one of the ones which managed to freak me out and make me laugh so many times in the one episode! The Body was a great episode but yeah a hard one to watch.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I agree with half your list. You also have a couple that are usually overrated by the fandom. And your unconventional choice, Band Candy, I find funny but not amazingI would rank seasons 5, 3, 2, 6, 7, 4, 1Firefly's overrated. Dollhouse is really uneven. Angel is uneven too but better in S2 & the first half of S3.

  20. angela says:

    I am a big Buffy addict. Just started watching it again and was totally wrapped up in Season 6. LOVE Spike.

  21. Pana says:

    !!! I was a Buffy fan in real time, but just a few weeks ago I started my first ever rewatch and am completely enthralled all over again. So much love!

  22. Merrie says:

    There was one episode in the final season, when Andrew was the narrator with his videocamera, that I just loved. His rationalization of what he did in Season 6 was awesome.

  23. nikki says:

    Ahhhh! So many comments to catch up on! Carrie- I will definitely remember to bring you your DVDs this time. Marisa- Yes! Check it out please!Decoy – awesome episodes.Anon – I'm not sure what is or isn't considered overrated. I've stayed away from the fandom because I didn't want any spoilers while watching. I know, honestly, that Band Candy isn't actually an amazing episode. But I think it was the first one where I just had a smile on my face the whole time. And when I was done watching, I thought, 'man, that was a really good time!'Merrie – Storytellers is the ep you're thinking of. I loved that one!All – I really am surprised by the love of season 2&3! To each their own, I guess. I was anxious to get away from the teenager-iness of the storylines, which is partly why I like 4&5. Also, I loved the idea of The Initiative and Glory's minions were freaking awesome. My seasons in order from most to least favorite:5,4,2,7,3,6,1. Three is way down there because there was a lot of Faith and Angel in that season and I don't think either Eliza Dushku or David Boreanaz can act for shit. Season six was mostly saved by the sexy factor.

  24. zanne says:

    I absolutely love Buffy the Vampire Slayer! I watched it from the very first episode until the end. One of my all time favorite shows. My sister and I have recently started watching it again, and I would really like to watch the entire season, in order, again. Just need to find the time. ha. My favorite episode is Tabula Rasa, but my other favorites are Hush (of course!) and the musical. When I was in college, my friends used to make fun of me for watching Buffy. A few years after we graduated, one of my friends emailed me and said she was hooked on the show. ha.

  25. Amber says:

    "Hush" is such a fantastic episode. Joss Whedon is definitely one of the most creative people working in Hollywood today. Oz was always my favorite character. When I was in high school me and a couple of friends would talk about the previous night's Buffy episode and rehash everything Oz said or did. And the fact that he dated Willow–a girl who was as awkward as I was–gave me hope. My mother is actually the big Buffy fanatic of the family and knows every word to "Once More, with Feeling." I didn't watch the show as much once I started college, so I'm still really confused about the whole Dawn situation. I tried to have my mom clear it up but she was no help.

  26. Diana Dang says:

    I haven't gotten the chance to watch this show for awhile now. xD Only in the beginning of the 2nd season. Px

  27. I'd just like to say… You're responsible for ruining my life. All I can do these days is watch Buffy and it's totally your fault. Also… Thank you!

  28. Okay, this is way late, but have to say: bigs ups on Buffy. My sister finally got me to start watching it after she got me addicted to Veronica Mars and forced me to admit she has great taste in TV. Although I only got through the first three seasons — the idea of Cordy leaving was just too upsetting. It even outweighed the huge boon of lameface Angel finally leaving the stupid show.Also, is it totally wrong that The Pack (ie: the Xander-gets-rapey-on-hyena-hormones) totally makes my top three list? It was just so hot…

  29. Ladytink_534 says:

    I do adore this show though I stopped liking Buffy herself during season 6. Spike is my favorite fictional vampire and she treats him like dirt. Did you know that the only person who ends up happy on the show was Riley? Not one other relationship works out. Even Dawn had to kill the first boy she kissed. I like all those episodes too but I have to replace Passion with School Hard. Season 2 was the best!I miss Spike…

  30. admin says:

    wow true blood this is a tv series that i have been waiting for i know that this tv series Bill was been kidnapped and being hostage by the powerful vampires and Sookie teaming up with Alcide a wereworlf in order to save her friend. watch this tv series in order to know the realTrue Blood Season 3 Episode 2: Beautifully Broken.

  31. Janna says:

    Yay, I'm so happy to hear new Buffy fans are still being made! 🙂 It is definitely the best show ever, and I agree that Spike is one of the best characters ever, too.

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