A little Mike O’Malley love for you Gleeks out there

Sorry for the second TV related post in less than two weeks.  But sometimes you see something that just calls for it.

This guy you all.  This guy:

Ever since Mike O’Malley first appeared on Glee, I’ve been blown away by his performance as Burt Hummel, the middle-class blue collar father of a flamboyant gay kid, Kurt.  I tried to get people to see the awesome, and a few did (i.e. The Unprofessional Critic).  But most people were like, ‘oh. That’s the guy who hosted Guts.’ And yeah, we all know him best from his crappy sitcom work.

Then this past week on Glee, he had his moment.  This moment that very well may define his career.  He got to carry a scene – a dramatic scene and he scored an A+.

Normally, Burt Hummel is supportive of his son in a somewhat begrudging, low-key sort of way.  It’s obvious that this car mechanic just doesn’t get his kid.  But you try to use the word fag in his house and his protective instinct comes out.

It’s not just that this scene is so great, which it is.  It’s just that in Glee, the dramatic scenes are usually there to set up a song and dance number.  But this scene of a father protecting his son is one of the realest, rawest, most emotionally honest scenes I’ve ever seen on television.  And I can’t believe it came from something as campy as Glee!

Give him an Emmy already. 

The quality sucks.  Unfortunately it took me forever to even find the scene online.


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14 Responses to A little Mike O’Malley love for you Gleeks out there

  1. Anonymous says:

    i know this is off-topic (although i DO love glee and i DID love this scene, although i thought kurt was just as out-of-line as finn), but after your buffy post, i really think you would enjoy tamora pierce's books — they're all about females being bad-asses and feminism. i know that they're all available at http://community.livejournal.com/ebooks_crack/95211.html, if you join!

  2. I absolutely love the scenes between Kurt and Burt, I will readily admit that there been a few that have absolutely moved me to tears. I am pretty sure that their story line is my favorite in the whole show.

  3. Caroline says:

    I agree with anonymous…I loved what Burt (OMG, I just put Kurt and Burt together…I can be slow sometimes!) said about his son, and I really love when the two of them are in scenes together (I've been playing Rose's Turn constantly for the last few days). But Finn had some points about how Kurt has been treating Finn that got overshadowed when Finn got clearly out of line. Very complicated stuff. Do-do-do-do you have them? Guts!

  4. Lorelai says:

    Excellent, a well-deserved shoutout! Plus he's wearing a Sox hat in the photo you chose :)I'm with Caroline on this one. Finn really a had a go at Kurt, but I can't imagine that a sixteen-year-old boy would be confortable with the kind of attention he's been getting from Kurt lately. I buy it as a pretty normal reaction, considering. Burt's speech was so awesome, though. Legend.

  5. Anonymous says:

    kurt and burt, finn and quinn… any other rhyming names on the show?

  6. Alison says:

    I LOVED his speech. I think it was a really great thing for the kiddos to hear. There is no reason to us the word "fag" in any context.But I do understand Finn's side of things. Kurt is giving him a lot of unwanted attention and he's just been told he's moving in with people he doesn't know well and isn't all that comfortable around. That doesn't excuse him calling a blanket "faggy" though.P.S. Mike O'Malley hosted Guts??? Huh.

  7. Jen says:

    Yes! I'm so glad you gave Mike O'Malley a shout out.I truly think this was probably the best scene Glee has ever featured. It was just perfectly acted by all three of them. Brought me to tears. And as far as the storyline goes, all of them had points. Finn shouldn't have used the word faggy (and I'm really glad they addressed that in such a brilliant way), but he has a reason to be a little skeeved out by Kurt. Kurt is obviously trying to cope with a lot of emotional/hormonal stuff right now. And Burt, oh Burt! One of the best depictions of a father I've seen on TV. So hell yes to Glee, which rides the line between being funny and offensive, having just enough heart and too much, for really nailing it with this scene. I also really LOVE the fact that Mike O'Malley hosted Guts. It makes me adore him even more. Because he is an incredible actor, and I really think he deserves an Emmy for this performance. (although would be nominated as a guest actor since he isn't really a full time part of the Glee casts?)

  8. Sadako says:

    I don't watch Glee but yeah GUTS! I also liked him as a voice actor on Baby Blues and as a regular actor on Yes, Dear. He's kind of awesome, but the fact that I grew up a Nick kid cements it.

  9. I completely agree! I don't love Glee's writing 100% of the time, but this scene was absolutely perfect writing and acting.

  10. LadyJ3000 says:

    I agree. Mike's speech was so awesome. One of my favorite Glee scenes was when Kurt came out to his father.

  11. HH says:

    I'm no Gleek, but I can't wait to get home and watch this. I love Mike O'Malley. Yes, he did GUTS, but he also did Yes, Dear – a show that I think I am it's only fan. And he also had two guest spots on Parenthood. AWESOME. Can't wait!

  12. Shannon says:

    I'm so glad you posted this — I was totally cheering him on during this scene when the episode aired and then posted it to my Facebook page the next day. He rocked it.

  13. Amber says:

    I loved that moment and even called my boyfriend up and told him about it. A speech like that, where the writers are clearly trying to get a point/ message across to their viewers, can sometimes come off preachy or after-school-special-y but I think that what Burt said was perfectly articulated. And probably owing to O'Malley's delivery, the whole thing just seemed heartfelt, like a real dad protecting the kid he loves in spite of their differences.

  14. I STILL get tears in my eyes when thinking about the scene from last November's "Wheels" episode, when Burt goes to the principal's office to argue that Kurt should be able to audition for the "Defying Gravity" solo. He doesn't quite understand why it's important to his son, he just knows that it IS, and that's good enough for him.Also, in the "Rose's Turn" scene, he didn't let Kurt play the victim. That's a good parent!Burt's one of the very few truly kind characters on the show, and it's great to watch. And yeah, Mike O'Malley needs some sort of shout-out/Emmy nom. I think they do one for guest spots–I wonder if he'd qualify, because he's more recurring than a one-off guest star.

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