California Diaries winner!

I had  huge response to this giveaway!  Though not a big surprise….it was my most awesome giveaway yet.   If you recall, everyone had a chance to enter up to three times.  I assigned every entry a number and chose the winner by random number generator.  Here were the entries:

1.       Sadako

2.       sadako

3.       Fear Street

4.       Fear Street

5.       Fear Street

6.       Jessica

7.       Jessica

8.       Alison

9.       Alison

10.   Alison

11.   Poire Gourmand

12.   Poire Gourmand

13.   Steph

14.   Steph

15.   Steph

16.   Rebecca

17.   Fran

18.   Fran

19.   Kat

20.   Laura Albert

21.   Laura Albert

22.   Laura Albert

23.   Jedi_Amara

24.   Kate Somer

25.   Kate Somer

26.   Kate Somer

27.   Zoe

28.   Zoe

29.   Zoe

30.   KG

31.   Theresa

32.   Theresa

33.   Naomi

34.   Naomi

35.   Lauren

36.   Kailis

37.   Sara

38.   Sara

39.   Megan S.

40.   Megan S.

41.   Jessica M

42.   Jessica M.

43.   Jessica M.

44.   Claire

45.   Melissa

46.   Kailis

47.   Mariola

48.   Mariola

49.   Mariola

50.   Michelle

51.   Michelle

52.   Michelle

53.   Alissa

54.   Alissa

55.   IntelligentlyScrewed

56.   Melissa

57.   KG


The random number generator chose……#21!  Laura Albert, send me your mailing address (nhboisture(at)gmail(dot)com) and I’ll get the books out to you soon!

Congratulations Laura Albert.

I’ll be back in a few days with a real post.  Unless I have a baby before then.  Then it’ll be a while.


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1 Response to California Diaries winner!

  1. Laura Albert says:

    Thank you so much for the books, Nikki! They will be a very wonderful read and a welcome addition to my collection.

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