Two roads diverged in the woods. I chose the one leading to you.

Hey all!  This is the first in a group of general nostalgia blogs I wrote a while ago, knowing I wouldn’t have a chance to read much after the baby is born.  I take on Boy Meets World and their portrayal of Cory and Shawn in what is truly TV’s first gay high school relationship ever.  I apologize for any formatting issues, I was having a bitch of a time getting it right and frankly, I’m short on time to work on it any more.

This blog post is somewhat appropriate given that I’m currently on my second (and last) maternity leave of my life.  During my first maternity leave, the show Boy Meets World was on FOUR times a day.  Yes, four – twice on ABC Family and twice on Disney.

Now, I’m a little older than many of you, so when BMW first aired (1993) it was off my radar. Though I’d managed to watch a small handful of episodes during its first run, it never really stuck with me. Fast forward to 2006 and I was on maternity leave and…uh….not handling the whole first time parent thing very well.  I was an emotional wreck, and probably suffering an undiagnosed case of PPD.  Like I said, BMW was on four times a day, and they happened to coincide with my newborn son’s nursing demands.  So I started watching it and was surprised how funny I found it.   Not only funny, but for whatever reason, I found the show intensely comforting during a time when my emotions were in absolute turmoil.

Here I am, on another leave, and BMW is no longer on four times a day.  It’s on twice, but not at times that are convenient for me.  So I’ve been watching some episodes on You Tube whenever I get a free twenty two minutes.  And I still find it both funny and comforting.

Most of you know the story behind the show.   It focuses on a boy (natch) named Cory Matthews and his family, (handsome but dim-witted brother Eric, awesome-sauce parents Amy and Alan, and a younger sarcastic changeling of a sister, Morgan) friends, (best bud and bad boyish Shawn, girlfriend Topanga, and later in the series Shawn’s half brother Jack, Shawn’s on-again off-again girlfriend Angela, and the tall leggy Rachel, who becomes Eric and Jack’s roommate) and of course, Mr. Feeny.   The first three or four seasons focused more on the Matthews family.  Then it kind of switched to being about the group of friends.

The show ranged from touching Full House-esque ‘very special episodes’ (generally involving Shawn’s messed up family situation) to goofball humor which would even include fantasy sequences, to slapstick,  to this weird self-aware thing it had going on at times.  Given what it was and when it was released, and if you can get over the appalling lack of continuity (which, in watching them now, I find kind of part of its charm), the show has surprising depth of character and sly humor.  And it was one of those shows that may have been mediocre or worse if not for the fantastic casting and obvious cast chemistry (see also: Friends and The Big Bang Theory.)

But, here’s the thing about having watched the show as an adult only rather than having watched it as a kid.  As a grownup, it’s so easy to see that, while the story lines set out this great love story between Cory and Topanga (which was made up in the third season, completely ignoring what had actually happened in seasons one and two, hence the aforementioned continuity issues) it’s actually about Cory and Shawn being completely 100% unbelievably homosexually in love with each other.  I swear, the writers knew exactly what they were doing when they wrote the show.  The gay subtext can barely be called subtext, if you get what I’m sayin’.  And I have to wonder if they didn’t want the series to end with Cory waking up in bed next to Shawn, saying something like “I just had the craziest dream!  You and I were best friends, but I was married to Topanga!” And Shawn being like, “Oh baby, that’s weird,” as he leans in for a good morning kiss.

Sound strange?  Think I need to back this up with a little proof?  Oh, I can do that. I can do that in motherfucking SPADES, guys.   I started my own list, and asked my good internet friend, oncethrown for help. Oncethrown is the author of the extremely well-written Cory and Shawn fanfic universe, It Happens Every Day, Sequel to It Happens Every Day, and One Candle in the Water .  So many, many thanks to her with this list.  And because she comes from viewing the show from “a painfully academic point of view,” I’m gonna go ahead and use a version of her outline.

1. Episodes that basically spell out the relationship between Shawn and Cory, though without ever using the word gay.  Oncethrown gives two examples, I make a shaky argument for a third.

  • “An Affair to Forget,” Season Four.  In this hilarious episode, Shawn is dating Jennifer, who feels threatened by his relationship with Cory and forbids Shawn from seeing Cory again.  The joke is that because Jennifer can offer a physical relationship to Shawn, but Cory can’t, he initially goes along with this.  But they start seeing each other secretly, and the romantic illicitness of their relationship is played up. At one point while they’re on the phone (using code names no less,) Shawn goes silent and when Cory asks if he’s there, Shawn says, “I’m just listening to the sound of your voice.”  The audience is in on the joke and they “Wooooo!” as loudly as they did whenever Zack and Kelly kissed.  When they’re set to meet clandestinely at the library, Shawn brings Cory a Cinnabun, with the letter C in icing.  Jennifer comes along and eats the cinnabun.  When Cory asks if it was his, Shawn gets all blushy and stares at the ground, “Yeah,” he says in a soft voice.   What makes this obviously about more of a romantic relationship than a platonic one, is that Cory says, “He dumped me.  He dumped me good.”
  • “It’s Not You, It’s Me.” Season Five. This is the Grandddaddy of all slashy BMW episodes. In this one, Shawn finds out that Cory has applied to several colleges which are out of Shawn’s league, meaning Cory will be reneging on his promise to Shawn as children to never leave him to go to college.  A fight ensues, and they break up.  And again, the phrase “dumped,” or “broken up,” is used by everyone in this episode.  Not only is the whole story line of this episode a big gay storyline, but each individual scene is made up of other smaller gay jokes.  There are too many too make an exhaustive list.  But some examples:
  • Cory and Shawn each find rebound guys to befriend and make the other jealous.  Cory starts hanging out with Lionel and taunts Shawn when he and Lionel share grapes (“I’m eating another boy’s grapes,” might as well be about sucking another boy’s cock.) Shawn finds a whole cadre of good looking guys to hang around with.  The jealousy plan totally works.
  • Morgan fully believes Cory and Shawn are boyfriends and even calls them that, and lectures Cory about how he treats Lionel, lest Lionel, “dump him too.”
  • This beautiful exchange after Cory tells Alan he’s going to go eat ice cream, watch Lifetime and cry.

Alan (to Amy): Is everything all right between him and Topanga?

Amy: Great! Never better.

Alan: When they kiss, he enjoys it, right?

  • Later, Topnaga kisses Cory and asks if he enjoyed it.
  • Shawn leaves a box of Cory’s stuff outside of the apartment.  Then pulls Lionel aside and gives him “hints,” on being friends with Cory.
  • They have their own “things,” that just belong to the two of them.  Eating at Pinks or having cake at the mall in Paramus.
  • Topnaga forces them into, for lack of a better word, couples therapy with Mr. Feeny.  Then when they make up and are hugging, she says “Stop it.  You’re boys.”
  • “If You Can’t Be With the One You Love,” Season Five.  This is the episode that not everyone might consider all that slashy.  You do have to read into the subtext a little bit here.  In this episode, Cory and Topanga are broken up and Cory is distraught enough that he gets drunk before a party.  Shawn joins him in drinking and they end up peeing on a cop car.  (The second half of the episode is considerably less gay, and focuses more on Shawn’s alcoholic family).  But the first half?
  • When Cory and Shawn are drunk, they get into quite the “I love you, man” conversation.  Only it’s a little bit gayer than Michael Cera and Jonah Hill in Superbad.  OK, a lot gayer.  They admit that they’d take a bullet for each other and they end in a big hug.  When the cop comes for them, they’re still arm in arm.
  • Alan’s reaction suggests there’s more to his displeasure with Shawn than a mere drunken escapade.  Alan is convinced Shawn’s to blame for Cory getting drunk, and Shawn’s more than happy to let Alan think that.  He says, in this incredibly cool and taunting voice, “Cory wanted to feel good.  I showed him how.” (I’ll bet you did, Shawnie) And THAT’S when Alan has his freakout.  His solution to his sixteen year old son getting drunk?  Trying to put the kibosh on Cory and Shawn’s nearly lifelong friendship by insisting they spend some time apart.  Now, Amy and Alan had been portrayed as very nice, very reasonable parents up to this point.  And while a sixteen year old who gets drunk is, of course, going to be grounded, let’s keep a little perspective.  Most sixteen year olds are going to be curious about drinking and many will try it.  It was totally out of character for Alan to get so insane about this very normal childhood rite of passage unless he thought there was something under the surface.  He barely even cared that Cory pissed on a cop car, which is actually probably the biggest deal here.  And he didn’t even take into account Cory’s feelings about being on the outs with Topanga or that this is the first time Cory had ever been caught with liquor.  He naturally fell to the idea that Cory and Shawn’s relationship had somehow turned…I don’t know…sinister?
  • Am I reading too much into this if I point out the very title of the episode? What’s the next line of that song?  “Love the one you’re with.”  Cory can’t be with Topanga, the one he supposedly loves, then he’ll be with Shawn, the one he’s with.

2. Random overtly gay moments played up for laughs:

  • Cory has plans to take Shawn to Vermont to see the leaves change.  At the time, Vermont was the only state to recognize same-sex unions.
  • Angela jokes one time that Shawn called out Cory’s name during sex.
  • Shawn has a pet piglet for a while, whom he names “Little Cory.”
  • During the prank war, Topanga often refers (in a taunting way) to Shawn as Cory’s LOVAH!
  • This line said by Cory to Shawn: “If I was your father, I’d give you a spanking.  Because that’s what you deserve, a spanking! Now, take down your pants.”  Then he proceeds to feed Shawn a burger from his hand.
  • The entire wedding episode.  Poor Topanga, it’s her wedding day and she’s barely on screen at all as the whole episode revolves around how Cory getting married is going to change his relationship with Shawn.
  • Cory films Shawn naked in the shower, then when Shawn is walking around with just a towel around his waist, he repeatedly asks him to drop the towel.
  • During “Chick Like Me,” Shawn is all prepared with his girl name, and had obviously thought of it before.  And it’s Veronica – such a sultry name for a sixteen year old boy.
  • Shawn tells Cory at one point he believes Cory likes being spanked.
  • When Topanga accuses Shawn of not having the ability to commit to a relationship (during the Purse Girl episode) Shawn disagrees, saying “I’ve been with Cory for fifteen years!”  Then Cory says something about what a good fifteen years it’s been and they get all hand-holdy until Topanga pulls their hands apart.

3.Gay weirdness throughout the series

  • Cory and Shawn are generally placed much closer physically than two straight teenagers would be.  They sit hip-to-hip on the couch/bed.  They’re often standing shoulder-to-shoulder.  And they are very physically affectionate, often hugging or have their arms wrapped around each others’ shoulders.
  • They call each other pet names like “babe” and “darling.”

4. It’s a gay gay gay gay gay gay world on Boy Meets World, and that’s OK with everyone involved.

  • No one cares that the gym teacher is transsexual.
  • Shawn, Cory, Eric and Jack all do drag at some point or another and that’s considered a positive trait.
  • The entire Pennbrooke College football team is gay (and their outing by Eric is comedy gold, I tells ya.)
  • Frankie Stechino’s character is constantly worried that people will think he’s gay because he’s a sensitive poet, traits given to Shawn later in the series.  When Cory and Shawn befriend him, it takes on a feeling of the couple mentoring the lonely gay kid.
  • Cory asks Eric about his first time.  Eric says, “Remember Mitchell Davis?”  Instead of freaking out, Cory’s response is “Huh.  Didn’t see that coming.  How about your second time?”
  • Topanga tells Shawn before her wedding that she knows he loves Cory more than she does.   She seems quite OK with this, and even asks Shawn to move to NY with them at the end of the series.
  • When Cory is convinced Topanga is leaving him for Shawn, he finds a kindred spirit in Isaac, who has also having relationship troubles.  Cory rips off his shirt and yells “Topanga!” followed by Isaac ripping off his own shirt and yelling “Fred!”
  • The man who cut Topanga’s hair admits to Cory on seeing her walk in, “I’m secure enough in my masculinity to admit I wept.  I cried like a little baby cries!”

5. These guys put the romance in bromance.

  • Cory and Shawn stand arm in arm at the altar while Cory’s getting married.  If that’s not non-subtle subtext for gay marriage, I don’t know what is.
  • In “She’s Having my Baby-Back Ribs,” Cory believes Topanga is pregnant, and calls Shawn to talk about it.  They talk about it in Cory and Topanga’s bed, under the covers, while eating breakfast.   Cory and Topanga had a perfectly good couch and dining room table, but Shawn got in bed, under the covers with Cory to talk this over.  In college, eating breakfast with someone you don’t live with is a great big “HOOKUP” hint.   Not to mention those two looked so comfortable and quaintly domesticated being in bed together like that.
  • During Chick Like Me, Cory is clearly interested in Veronica Wasboyski (But, I mean, have you seen her? I would be too!) and walks ‘her’ to class and carries ‘her’ books.  Then Cory defends Veronica while on a date with a piggish oaf.
  • Shawn has to choose between his friendship with Cory and working for big bucks for the mob.  In choosing Cory, he says “Two roads diverge in a wood….and I choose the one that leads back to your house.”  In the same episode, Shawn tries to give Cory hypothermia by rubbing his own frozen hands on Cory’s face…”If I go, you go!” In the same episode, when a frozen Shawn comes in, Cory says “Sit darling.  I’ll make you some hot chocolate.” (and it will not be the last time Cory bakes for Shawn.)  (Not to mention, in yet another parenthetical aside that Cory could occasionally turn into an old Jewish comedian or an overbearing Jewish mother at the strangest times.)

You know, I’m sure there are others.  I haven’t even seen the entire series and this is what I got for you.  And yes, I know Eric and Jack have quite a few moments of their own.  What do you say guys?  Cory and Shawn : Gay or nay?  Let me know any examples I’ve left out.  And feel free to disagree with me at your will.  I think I’ve made my case.


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36 Responses to Two roads diverged in the woods. I chose the one leading to you.

  1. Laura Albert says:

    One that I’ve just thought of off the top of my head – been so long since I’ve watched BMW (but it’s a show I’ve always enjoyed) – is when Cory calls Shawn ‘MY Shawn’ (emphasis mine) in Me and Mr. Joad. Possibly not as strong an example as the others you and oncethrown have provided but that clip can be watched here:

    I’ll be back later if I think of more (or notice more after re-watching episodes on YouTube, seeing as BMW does not currently air where I live).

    As for the Gay or Nay? question, I must say I didn’t really think so back in the day (when I’d watch first-run episodes) but I do now, so my vote is: Gay.

  2. Alida says:

    I think this show was definitely before it’s time, which made it so awesome. I’m surprised they were allowed to have so many hints toward homosexuality, some subtle, and others not so subtle. But I think people really are reading into it a little too much sometimes. They’ve been best friends since they were in diapers. They have always had each other. And I think they’re secure enough in themselves that showing affection really is just a sign of their friendship.

    • Sadako says:

      Yeah, I feel the same way. I thought it was a cute bromance but a lot of shows do the thing where they make characters who aren’t in a relationship act as though they are for humorous results. I don’t remember them being physically *that* much closer than most other male friends either–wasn’t one of the jokes of “Friends” that Joey and Chandler hugged a lot, for example?

    • nikkihb says:

      Not quite since diapers, I believe they were six and on a field trip at the zoo when the two met. At least, based on It’s not you, It’s Me. There were some continuity issues with the show, so I wouldn’t be surprised if that back story was different elsewhere.

      • Alida says:

        They had about six different times where they explained how long they had known each other, each one a little different.

  3. “It’s guy love, that’s all it is, guy love, he’s mine, I’m his. There’s nothing gay about it in our eyes. You ask me ’bout this thing we share, and he tenderly replies… it’s guy love between two guys.”

    You’ve made an excellent case. I’ve always wondered about Corey’s unusual sensitivity. But ya know, I don’t want to out anyone not ready to be out. So, I’m going to go ahead and say this is “guy love” that could be more. 🙂

  4. Amiee says:

    I haven’t watched this much in ages, but I don’t remember it coming across that strongly. Saying that though, you make a strong case. I think another viewing is in order for me.

  5. Angela says:

    I think you make a very persuasive case. However, guy relationships can just seem gay. I have a lot of guy friends, and even my boyfriend, who really love their friends. I think it’s a bond that they share that no one else can fill. Cory and Shawn were friends for years and years, and while there may be some gay tendencies, I think that they could relate to each other in a way that no one else could. It’s called friendship!

  6. FM says:

    I loved BMW! I didn’t know it was still on at all. I was too old for it when it first started too, but secretly loved it and watched off and on the whole series.

    Yeah, not gay. That was the point – they were making fun of how people feel the need to categorize closeness between men as gay, when really boys can have very tight, affectionate relationships, like brothers. All the things you described would be totally sweet between two girls who are best friends, without calling it gay. If we were supposed to just guess that they were hiding an actual gay relationship, I don’t think the “hints” would have been so obvious – they were obvious because they weren’t hiding anything, really.

    I think they made Topanga unnecessarily homophobic in some episodes (weird since her original persona was so radical lefty, but like you said, continuity issues), but I think along with showing that straight men can have sweet close male relationships they were in my memory mostly gay-friendly.

    • nikkihb says:

      I don’t know. I’d think gay even if they were girls. Buffy/ Faith anyone?

    • YSush says:

      “Yeah, not gay. That was the point – they were making fun of how people feel the need to categorize closeness between men as gay” –> completely agree! i always took the obvious “gay” references to merely be a comedic representation of bromance at its peak. They’re just poking fun at the whole “gay” drama. People are right in that this isn’t something unique to Boy Meets World. Anyone remember the episode of Friends where Ross and Joey are caught sleeping on the couch together all snuggled up? Joey was on the bottom and Ross lay on top of him with his head on Joey’s chest and they got so comfy they fell asleep like that? They always joked about how Chandler was overly sensitive and cried all the time. His father was a drag queen and when Phoebe had triplets, the girl was named Chandler. And Joey had multiple “gay” jokes too. In How I Met Your Mother, there’s that episode when Marshall and Barney are texting Ted back and forth pretending to be the girl he likes and the conversation started to get pretty sexual before they realized what they were doing and got creeped out from themselves.

      This article talks about bromances in TV shows like How I Met Your Mother and how the writers of these shows are purposely portraying them this way in order to poke fun at the awkwardness of male relationships:

      Also, one last point; remember that society dictates these standards of supposed “gayness.” In some countries and cultures, expressing emotion openly between guys, being in very close proximity, hugging a lot, calling each other pet names, openly crying, and doing other things that in American society may be considered “gay,” is actually completely normal. I know straight guys who are more lovey-dovey with each other than I am with my own girl friends, and tho it creeps me out sometimes and i joke about how “gay” it is, I don’t actually think there’s anything wrong with it. if they’re comfortable with it then more power to them. The way I see it, as long as your sexual interests remain mostly with the opposite sex, then you’re not gay…

  7. Lauren says:

    This is probably my favorite post you’ve ever done. I watched BMW obsessively from the time it started airing to the time it ended, and then in reruns a bazillion times. Not in the past 6 or 7 years though! I agree with the comparison between Shawn & Corey and Chandler & Joey on Friends. Think of the time they “broke up” and Joey had moved out and gotten a new apartment. They did a musical montage of them mourning each other. Shawn and Corey are adorably adorable but I think they’re just the BFFs that every guy wishes they had. 🙂

  8. nikkihb says:

    I’m actually kind of surprised by the Chandler and Joey comparison, because I think a far more appropriate comparison is JD/ Turk (from Scrubs). Partly because both of those couples ave a history, where in Friends, Chandler’s history is with Ross, not Joey. So for quite a while in the beginning, they had more of a roommate relationship, and the closeness developed later, and even then that didn’t last long once Chandler and Monica became more serious.

    JD and Turk also had the pet name thing going for each other (Brown Bear!) and the fact that their friendship was pretty exclusive, while Joey and Chandler’s wasn’t. On Scrubs, I think the Todd was more likely gay than either JD or Turk, but JD and Turk were needy and co-dependent, traits shared with Cory and Shawn, but not Joey and Chandler.

    One thing that Cory and Shawn have that neither Joey/Chandler nor JD/Turk do, is an earnestness and seriousness about their friendship that is widely recognized by other characters in the show. And which is the source of tension on occasion with Topanga and even with Alan in If You Can’t Be With the One You Love. I guess my point is that the Cory and Shawn closeness isn’t always written as a means to a joke (though it sometimes is) like it was on Scrubs or Friends. Rather, their relationship is an important part of each character, a serious stab at character development in a 1990s family sitcom. Without Shawn, there is no Cory, and without Cory, there is no Shawn. The same really can’t be said f Chandler and Joey.

    I totally tapped out this comment on my iPad whil breastfeeding, so i apologize for any errors/ typos!

  9. Elissa says:

    It’s been years since I watched BMW. Like you, I believe I usually caught it on ABC Family or something like that. Are all of the episodes on YouTube? If not, I think I might be willing to give up a highly precious Netflix spot to work through the series. You mention so many things I don’t remember and your arguments sound strong to me.

    Don’t even get me started on Shawn’s real name being Rider Strong. Isn’t that a filthy (and obvious) stage name for a kid?!?!?!?

    • nikkihb says:

      Elissa, most of the episodes are on You Tube, though the quality is crap for many of them. I wouldn’t waste a Netflix space on them, unless there is a particular episode you want to see that isn’t on You Tube. Unfortunately it isn’t in Netflix Instant.

      I think I actually read that Rider Strong is his real name, which What were those parents thinking? His Twitter handle I’d @ onthestorm. Get it? Rider on the storm.

  10. Alison says:

    Okay. I meant to comment way back when. But it’s good I waited.

    I completely agree with you. Something was up between Cory and Shawn. I am going to pretend like there’s a secret connection between Cory being interested in a girl named Veronica and Shawn choosing Veronica as his female name. Were there really no other names out there? (Also, didn’t Shawn dress up as Veronica once? I remember being kinda confused about this as a small child. Like Shawn completely rocked it more than I expected.)

    And this was published in my university newspaper today:

    We now have a Boy Meets World Appreciation Club. Because that’s just how we roll.

    • nikkihb says:

      Holy shit. I hope you attend the BMW appreciation club. And find out if the other appreciaters of BMW think Cory and Shawn are gay.

      Veronica Wasboyski, was indeed Shawn dressed up in drag in the episode Chick Like Me. He had quite a set of gams. And better makeup/eyebrow maintenance than I have.

  11. Nay, they’re not gay. But they did have the best friendship ever, which then lead to some pretty hilarious moments between the two of them!!!

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  13. Kathy says:

    I was a writer for BMW, along with several others. I can confirm that some of us did see them as gay. I personally always wanted them to end up together, however, other writers didn’t agree. So the answer can really go both ways. Some of us said they were, some said they were not. For this reason, in the show, the were NOT. The producers, Susan mainly, wanted the show to keep the show “kid-friendly” and we did. That is the hard thing about working with multiple writers, there is often little consistency in how we view the characters. This is why every backstory in the show changed so many times. I unfortunately did not come in to the show until season 3 so my opinions of Cory and Shawn were not the prominent opinions. So, while they were “straight”, I certainly put in homosexual undertones. In my opinion, as the writer, they thought they were straight. They both didn’t realize or understand their feelings for each other. I wrote with that undertone.

    • nikki says:

      You have……NO idea how happy getting this comment made me. You wrote for BMW? You are so lucky!
      Also, I love hearing that I wasn’t off base in my belief that Cory and Shawn are gay. I know it was a kids’ show, so obviously they couldn’t show Cory and Shawn making out, but it’s nice to know that in many cases the subtext was intentional. (And seriously…It’s Not You, It’s Me? Not even subtext.)

      Were you with the show from the third season all the way through to the end? Please tell me you had something to do with Chick Like Me, because that episode is hilarious.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

    • Jan says:

      Well Kathy for me it sounds sick, who gave you the right to propaganda homosexuality and why on earth the need for it? Shame on you writers, instead using your intellect and writing skills for better thought out story lines you had to use it to perverse the show. No wonder the show eventually was canceled. For me dont get me wrong, besides the so called gay undertone i liked the essence of what’s the show was all about. Besides that the most of al characters i liked was Eric personally sure it was Ben’s show but i think the writers didn’t gave him enough credit.

      • nikkihb says:

        You know what sounds sick to me? You thinking some harmless gay coding in a show is somehow some kind of big gay propaganda. I also think it’s completely sick that you think there’s something wrong with gay. It’s not even like Cory and Shawn were actually written as a gay couple. The whole point of this post is that it COULD be there if you look for it, and to me, it is most definitely there. As a show writer, Kathy was merely pointing out that some of what I saw is not a coincidence. And you know what? I think they DID use their intellect and writing skills to craft a better show. The fact that this was on during a family block and managed to be far greater than the shows it was surrounded by (and has had more staying power) is a testament to that.

        “No wonder it was canceled,” you say. Seriously???? The show lasted for seven seasons. SEVEN. That is far longer than the average TV show, and it was canceled because it was plain that by that point it had run its course.

        Also, if you like Eric, but still so hateful of gays, you’d better never Google Eric/Jack fanfic. Because it is out there.

  14. Kathryn says:

    Nikki, how exciting to get a behind the scenes comment! Thanks, Kathy for sharing a little behind the scenes info 🙂

  15. slinkhard says:

    You do have to read into the subtext a little bit here.

    I also find the later scene interesting, where Shawn basically spells out that if he behaves self-destructively, he distracts Cory’s attention from Topanga; and how, rather than the shift in behaviour he makes later to trying to reunite them, he’s got some serious resentment towards not only Topanga (that ‘Why don’t you stop being so crazy and sit on Cory’s lap?’ line is not only sexually crude and reductive, even for Topanga and Shawn, who’ve clashed before, but also betrays Shawn’s feelings about the break-up – he may like both of them, but he literally cannot understand why Topanga can’t instantly forgive Cory.
    They have a similiar difference of approaches in S7 iirc, where Topanga says that she doesn’t want to enable Cory’s desire for attention by giving in to it, whereas Shawn blithely says ‘Well, then give it to him!’
    And despite Topanga being correct, as she is in ‘Resurrection’ when she says Cory needs to face reality and no-one can ‘fix’ his situation, the show proves Shawn to be correct on the meta-level by validating his approach over hers.) but also Cory’s feelings for her (‘Why don’t you go across the street from her and cry?’ Which interestingly gets Cory’s ‘bewildered’ ‘What?’ before the conversation is lost when the others arrive.) and how they distract him from Shawn (‘I’ve been drinking all week, and you haven’t even noticed a thing.’ Of course, the timeline for that episode is a bit iffy…)

    In choosing Cory, he says “Two roads diverge in a wood….and I choose the one that leads back to your house.”

    I like the watch present he gives Cory in that episode, too, nice parallels with the S3 episode where they go to the cabin.
    Especially since with that episode, Feeny running off to skip class to be with someone he loves leads to his direct comparison with Shawn – he and his wife never make it to the slopes, and neither do Cory and Shawn, but both have ‘no regrets’.
    The cabin is described frequently by the adults on the show as a ‘romantic’ getaway, and Shawn tempts Cory with it being ’empty’ (and there being ‘snowbunnies’, despite Cory dating Topanga at this point.)
    Then in the evening they exchange gifts, and Feeny gets this wristwatch from his wife that always reminds him of her, and what does Shawn get Cory the following year (even though they’ve previously been described as not exchanging gifts) – an engraved wristwatch.

    • nikkihb says:

      I’m way late in replying to this, i apologize. This was a great comment-very well thought out. I wish these were all points i had made! Yes, the antagonism between Shawn and Topanga seemed to go beyond what could normally bee expected between a guy’s girlfriend and best friends.

  16. cam says:

    I’m gay and even I don’t agree. I have had guy friends that I’m that close with but it never got sexual and in other cases it did. It all depends.

  17. Rhys says:

    what episode is it where the Pembroke Football team all says they are gay at the end of the episode?

  18. I hope this information has given you some useful
    information about roofs. His fee was 110 guineas, knowning that of the hotelkeeper was 30 guineas.
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  19. David says:

    My back went out and I spent 3 months in bed, saw this series and I thought that they were gay too. There was a huge gap in Cory / Topanga never doing anything but kissing right up until they were married. Not quite sure why they never approached C/T doing 1st, 2nd 3rd base but they were very happy to make S/C nearly gay.
    In my own fanfic rewrite I extended C/T some years and I killed Shawn off from a drug overdose.
    In short Shawn went overseas looking for Angela, found she had married another, started to drink then moved into drugs and .. dead..No great loss..
    Took exception to Eric acting like he had ADHD latter stages of the series.
    I’m hoping that the writes of Girl meets World is vastly improved..

  20. Way cool! Some extremely valid points! I appreciate you writing this post and also the rest of the site is also really good.

  21. Jay G says:

    Ha! This is so funny especially as I’m sitting here right now eating chic-fil-a breakfast, I’m watching BMW!
    I remember watching this show daily as a kid, about 10 years ago! I loved this show!
    But… Watching it now as a 21 year old, I see completely how homosexual it is.
    You see the way they act. Just like a married couple. They argue and bitch at each other over the gayest things!
    It’s completely clear how much they love eachother. In every episode, Shawn and Cory always affirm there love and care for one another.
    I’m currently watching the episode where Mr. Feeny fired janitor bud due to Cory’s short careers as a “News Reporter”. Basically Cory feels awfully bad about himself being the reason janitor bud was fired, he speaks with Mr. Williams who I guess is a news reporter himself. Mr. Williams and Cory are talking in the classroom and Mr. Williams is trying to help Cory figure out if what he did was Right? Or Wrong?

    Cory: “So I was wrong when I did my story?”
    Mr. Williams: “No, I didn’t say that.”
    Cory: “So I was right..”
    Mr. Williams: “No, I didn’t say that either. There isn’t always a clear Right or Wrong.”
    Cory: “But I’m a kid, I want it both ways.”
    Mr. Williams: *chuckles, smirks, leans closer to Cory and says sneakily* “I got a secret for you; we adults do too.”

    They’re gay. It’s clear as day!

  22. Sara says:

    I was and still am a die-hard Cory/Topanga shipper, but as an adult I started to see the Cory/Shawn homoeroticism big time. So eventually I decided they were an OT3! Cory loves Topanga, Cory loves Shawn, they both love Cory, and they’re good friends who occasionally fight. Result!

  23. nickeyelysse says:

    More than even the overtly homosexual jokes they constantly made, the truth wasn’t in what was said, but the expressions on their face when they were so close to each other. You can see, especially in Shawn’s eyes they way he nearly just falls into Cory’s gaze. It’s beautiful, really. And tragic. You can see that he’s dying inside. That he feels conflicted when Cory and Topanga fight. He hates it because it hurt’s Cory, but he’s also happy because that means Cory is just his again. You can see the pain in his eyes every time he gets them back together.

    There was a very clear lack of heat between Topanga and Cory. It was like he was more clinging to the idea of that perfect life they had planned out since they were kids. I was also a big Topanga fan when I was a child, because that is the perfect dream, falling in love with your best friend.

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