Guest Post: Dawn and the Big Sleepover

Hello Interwebs! This is Amber, aka Class Bookworm. I’m a teacher– sorta– I have the degree, anyway– so my blog is a little more straight-laced and “teacher-y” than Nikki’s. However, I love a snarkfest as much as the next guy, so I’m guesting here to get some of it out of my system. 🙂 I hope you’re not tired of BSC, because today I’m reviewing a Dawn book. It may have been my first BSC book ever, so even though I know she’s on the c-list, I have a fondness for it that I’ll reminisce about later.

So… Shall we begin?

The students at Stoneybrook Elementary School have penpals from the Zuni Native American Reservation in New Mexico. The pen pals write about a fire that happened at their school and spread to some of the homes. SES is absolutely heartbroken. Never fear– Dawn has a great idea! (Kristy doesn’t have the patent, you know.) She comes up with an idea of organizing a food and clothing drive. (The kids can raise money but that is up to the kids and will not be BSC-run.) As a reward, the students can have a slumber party in the school gym.

All sorts of shenanigans occur. It takes Dawn and Mary Anne FOREVER to figure out that some kids are taking clothes and food without asking permission from parents– huh, nice suit, just dry cleaned, do your parents know? And then it happens again at the Rodowsky yard sale! (Shakes head.) Haley Braddock becomes Madame Leveaux and tells fortunes for a quarter. (Alan Gray and friends are fantastic customers…) Mal and Jessi supervise a crazy carnival.

Then, the sleepover happens. All that build up and it lasts three chapters. They raise a lot of money, they have a lot of chaotic fun, and the pen pals are super excited to get that much love. The end.

•Ah… the memories. I was introduced to BSC with a five-pack, starting with #41-45, and this may have been my first BSC book that I finished. (Mary Anne vs. Logan was the first I triednto read, but I was in second or third grade and didn’t know what “vs.” meant, and was used to straight-forward stories… ya know, no “chapter two,” no interrupting segments of baby-sitting, etc.)This book didn’t really have a main BSC story with babysitting adventures acting parallel to whatever lesson we were learning. It was really well-integrated.
• Also, at the time I’m sure one of my favorite books was The Night the Whole Class Slept
Over, and I also liked the Friends 4-Ever series (a friend moved, the other three became
pen pals). I may have been obsessed with slumber parties and pen pals at the time?

Dawn is less of a pain in this book. I think it’s because she’s got a “noble cause” that doesn’t involve people eating tofu, so she’s less offensive than usual. Most of her bitchy moments in
this book are mostly snide remarks/thoughts.
• She worries that Kristy’s going to take credit for her idea. Seriously? We know Kristy had
the greatest idea EVER, but I don’t recall her ever going, “yeah, well your great idea PALES in comparison to MY great idea!” or “I’mma let you finish, but first let me take over your great idea!” (Yes, I’m stuck in 2009. Forgive me.) Maybe if we stopped saying “great idea” that would help. How many other delightful adjectives are there? That way, we don’t have to all be worshiping the great-idea-maker that is Kristy Thomas.
• Dawn talks with Mary Anne about the donations coming to their house. She is skeptical
about whether the donations are legit, and MA agrees and says she had thought some were
suspicious. “Why didn’t you say anything?” Well, because MA doesn’t ever say anything!
You’ve been her friend since book four and didn’t know that? MA says she didn’t want to
assume. We all know what happens when we assume! I just think it’s rude that Dawn thinks MA should have noticed when she just noticed herself.

•Once again, we realize how the BSC is seen by the people at SMS: when they all get called
out of class for the assembly announcing their fundraiser, someone says “Excuuuuuuuse
me! If I join the BSC, will I get the day off?” Dawn replies, “Eat your heart out!” Then she
claims it’s not like her to say something like that! Ha.
• Those moments aren’t particularly bitchy, but that’s what I got. Peter Lerangis knows
how to make her unlikable, but with this sort of book it’s hard to make your heroine a
complete jerk.


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4 Responses to Guest Post: Dawn and the Big Sleepover

  1. Merriska says:

    Oh how I loved this book. XD

  2. Ang says:

    I remember taking this one out of the library repeatedly, and actually wound up buying it from them during one of their secondhand sidewalk sales. I can’t be certain, but I’m pretty sure this is the book with the first scene where I realized how passive-aggressive Dawn could be : When she wants to talk to Mary Anne about something but Mary Anne’s not interested (and is, in fact, busy reading), Dawn starts spoiling the end of the book until Mary Anne will talk to her. I think it’s played off as cute, but it just started me thinking about how much of a bitch Dawn could be.

  3. Ah, I forgot about that Ang! I knew I forgot a PA moment!
    Also, I think I may have sent Nikki the wrong document 😦 and it’s no big really, because I’m sort of long-winded, but this has to be mentioned: The Pebbles outfit was featured in this book. Thank you, Claudia. We will never forget.

    • nikkihb says:

      Right. I actually meant to ask you about the Pebbles outfit then totally forgot. It’s the second best BSC outfit ever. Behind the famous cities skirt OF COURSE!!!

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