D is the word

Soooo….hey. How’s everyone been? I know, I’ve been a great big slacker when it comes to posting and for that, I apologize. Also, I haven’t read a book to review for your entertainment, and I am feeling a little guilty about my unexpected posting sabbatical. So youse guys get a meme. Sorry for the extreme laziness.

I was given a letter of the alphabet and had to write about five fictional characters whose names start with that letter. My letter was D. If you want to do this, let me know and I’ll assign you a letter.

1. Ducky McCrae (California Diaries) – Oh Ducky.  How much I love him.  Ducky is basically the ultimate nice guy.  He has his own problems, which he ignores, so that he can help his friends out with their problems.  I love the Ducky and Sunny friendship, but what I really adore are the back stories of Ducky’s and Alex’s friendship.

I got into a Twitter conversation over a year ago with Peter Lerangis (BSC ghostwriter, who wrote two out of the three Ducky books) and he confirmed for me that Ducky is, in fact, gay.  No surprise there.  My own personal head canon is that Ducky becomes boyfriends with that poet-reading jock who comes into Sunny’s dad’s bookstore while Ducky’s working.

2. Dawn Schafer (BSC)I don’t know why I didn’t mind Dawn as a kid.  When I read the books now, she is absolutely unbearable.  Holier-than-thou, and just an absolute idiot.  She does herself no favors with her cuntly behavior toward Sunny in the California Diaries series, nor with her behavior when her dad and Carol first get engaged.  She is absolutely loathsome.

That being said, I imagine she evens out a little as she matures.  And probably becomes the next Britta Perry.  Terribly low self-esteem and saying all the right liberal things, not because she really thinks them, but because she thinks she supposed to.

3. Dean Thomas (Harry Potter) – I read an interview with JK Rowling that one of the things she cut out of the Harry Potter series was an involved back story for Dean Thomas.  While I get it, because the series is entirely too long, I really want to know more about Dean.  I’d actually love to know about the whole group Dean was with when he was on the run in the seventh book.

4. Doctor Cox (Scrubs) I know this is probably cheating on the meme.  Doctor Cox is my favorite character on Scrubs.  I have a thing for dudes who are kind of badasses or assholes, but are still on the good side of things (See also: Jack Harkness.  Spike.)  Doctor Cox rarely treats his staff nicely, he can be rude and truculent with his patients.  But he really shines when he’s fighting up instead of down.  When he’s arguing with Dr. Kelso about treating patients regardless of insurance status, when he’s bitching about insurance companies not doing their jobs.  And then he gets these sweet moments with his son or the ghost of his dead best friend (Brendan Fraser) that will always bring a tear to my eye.  Dr. Cox and Jordan are perfectly matched – I love their marriage.

5.Draco Malfoy (Harry Potter)  I mentioned in a previous post how much I love the characters in the Harry Potter series.  That for a Y.A. series, JK Rowling excels at creating characters who are multi-dimensional.  Good guys with secret histories, bad attitudes, poor decision making skills, or just plain annoying.  Bad guys with secret niceties, close families, sympathetic histories.  It’s rare to see that in Y.A. lit.

The only exception is Draco Malfoy. His only role was as Harry’s antagonist, and he needed to do nothing else. His role, frankly, could have been much smaller.  I never really believed that Harry got so riled up over Draco teasing him.  Because he had heaps of judgment thrown on him throughout the series, and there was no real reason Draco should have gotten to him when another large part of the wizarding world didn’t.  So, blech. Draco Malfoy.

6. for extra credit: The Doctor (eleven): My faaaavorite!


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4 Responses to D is the word

  1. ohmynoti says:

    I would like a letter please!

    (Also, if I have not left you a comment ever before, that is crazy and weird and lurky of me. I have read your whole blog. It is wonderful. It makes me want to be a better blogger.)

  2. Amiee says:

    I would also like a letter please ? Sorry I don’t comment enough but have also been a long time reader.

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