Because fuck cancer. That’s why.

Last summer I wrote a post where I talked about a douchebag street artist who rolled his eyes at my love of the written word.  I concluded the post by talking about what an awesome lady my mom is. And it’s true, my mom is one of the greatest people I know. If I do half as good a job raising my kids as she did raising me and my four sibs, I still will be a hell of a mother. 

But here’s something many of you don’t know about my mom.  She has cancer. She is currently fighting her second battle with pancreatic cancer.

Pancreatic cancer is A-The deadliest cancer, and B-terribly underfunded when it comes to research.

In a couple weeks, my husband, sister and I are participating in the Purple Strides 5K in Washington, DC to raise money for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. I’m not the type to beg for money. But if you have a few extra dollars and want to do a whole lot of good, donations are appreciated.

Our team is Team Sandy, and you can donate at our Team Donation Page.

Many thanks!


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2 Responses to Because fuck cancer. That’s why.

  1. magnolia says:

    $20 given. my grandmother passed from pancreatic cancer 13 years ago, so in honor of her, and to fight for your mom, it was nothing. cheers to y’all for doing this!

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