Adam, Byron and Jordan personified

I was watching the US Olympic Gymnastics Trials the other day. American gymnast Jake Dalton made me do a double-take. Why? Because he is exactly what I always pictured the Pike triplets to grow up looking like. I mean exactly. He’s like a doppelganger of three fictional characters whose looks existed solely in my mind.

Except for Jake Dalton is way more muscular (obviously. I mean, he is a gymnast.) I always pictured Adam and Jordan as kind of scrawny throughout their lives. Byron is a little pudgier, because he’s a stress eater.

Not that I’ve spent any time thinking about this or anything.

For your pleasure, some pictures of Jake Dalton. (And it’s not just him. The entire US men’s team is sooo not-ugly.)

Not a bad looking dude, right?

The triplets could never do this though.

Jonathan Horton, John Orozco, Sam Makulik, Jake Dalton, Danell Leyva.


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7 Responses to Adam, Byron and Jordan personified

  1. Laura says:

    Right, not a bad looking dude at all. He doesn’t look at all like ABJ to me though. However when I look at that first picture of him (and this is only for the first one, not the other two), I *do* see Buddy Barrett.

    • nikkihb says:

      I imagined Buddy being blonde. I guess because such a BFD was made over Mrs. Barrett being blonde.

      • Laura says:

        I’ve always pictured Buddy as a blond as well but this guy looked sorta blond-y/blond-ish to me in the first picture. (Also Buddy could’ve been blond as a kid and his hair could have darkened as he aged – as did both my father and my aunt, his older sister, who both now have black hair just like their parents.)

        When was Mrs. Barrett-DeWitt ever described as a blonde? Wasn’t she always described as having brown hair? (Chestnut brown, if I remember. Just like Mrs. Pike says her fams.’ hair is, to make it sound less ordinary.) Or do I have her mixed up with someone else? I’d think I’d remember if such a BFD was made over Mrs.B-D’s hair colour. Mostly what I remember being a BFD with regard to Mrs. B-D was how she had a Cosmo-model figure.

        I’ll have to re-read and pay special attention to Mrs. B-D’s hair colour.

  2. I guess he’s good looking if you’re into those handsome athletic types.

  3. Aisha says:

    Come on, this was just an excuse to post some eye candy. Just kidding , lol. I didn’t picture the triplets as being this good looking.

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