American Politics and Harry Potter

I’m a member of a fabulous group of Facebook, full of the greatest bitches this world has ever known.  Last week, one of the fabulous bitches, mentioned that the current political climate in America today is similar to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.  I’m not sure it links perfectly with GoF, but the thread did devolve into who in the Harry Potter novels is like whom in American Politics.

Here were some ideas (there are some repeats of characters/politicos, because there were lots of people responding with their own ideas.)  I’d love to hear other ideas in the comments! And yes, there’s a slant here, and no you don’t need to point that out in the comments.  I’m well-fucking-aware of it already.
George W. Bush is Cornelius Fudge

Dick Cheney is Rufus Scrimgeour

Bill Clinton is Dumbledore

Hillary Clinton is Professor McGonagall

Mitt Romney is Lucius Malfoy

The Weasleys are the 47%

Rita Skeeter is Fox News

Jon Stewart and/or Stephen Colbert are Xeno Lovegood

Ann Coulter is Bellatrix Lestrange

Marco Rubio is Percy Weasley (I fucking LOVE this comparison!)

Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert are the Weasley twins and Lee Jordan during Deathly Hallows

Joe Biden is Hagrid

Jill Stein is also Hagrid

Rachel Maddow is Ginny Weasley

Nancy Pelosi is Umbridge

Sarah Palin is also Umbridge

Rush Limbaugh is Argus Filch

Ann Coulter is Mrs. Norris (That’s Filch’s cat)

Rick Santorum is Vernon Dursley

Rick Perry is Dudley Dursley

Michele Bachmann is Pansy Parkinson

Bill O’Reilly is the troll in the bathroom from Sorcerer’s Stone

Paul Ryan is Draco Malfoy

The Tea Party is Voldemort

Karl Rove is also Voldemort

Based on looks alone, James Carville could also be Voldemort. (snicker)

Anderson Cooper as Harry Potter.

In a perfect world, I’d like to say that the American Voters are Harry Potter.  But, just read any comments section of any Yahoo article on any political topic, and you’ll quickly realize we are, sadly, a country full of Dudley Dursleys.  And I mean Dudley BEFORE he brought Harry that tea in Deathly Hallows and told him he wasn’t a waste of space.  I’m talking books one through five Dudley.


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3 Responses to American Politics and Harry Potter

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    I dont know American politics so I can’t really relate. But I think many characters from HP could end up representing different people.

  2. Akilah says:

    All I know for sure is that Rick Scott (Florida governor) is a Death Eater.

  3. fatelephant says:

    I don’t know a lot of those people. But i googled Ann Coulter and watched a clip of her fighting with Whoopi Goldberg on the View and she seems like a stupid cunt. Even the way she talks is cuntish. I wanted to slap her smug boney face.

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