Books read in 2012

I resolve to blog more in 2013. I know I was a shitty blogger in ’12, and I promise to not let that happen again. In a few days, I have a surprise look back at a piece of 1980’s silliness I love. But for now, enjoy this list of the books I read in ’12. Anything in bold is highly recommended. Anything asterisked means I read it for this blog – even if it didn’t end up making it on the blog because of laziness/busyness.

1. Inside Out; Ann M. Martin*
2. The Fault in our Stars; John Green
3. The Dreyfus Affair; Peter Lefcourt

4. Frindle; Andrew Clements*
5. Made in the USA; Bille Letts

6. Paper Towns, John Green
7. The Time Capsule; Lurlene McDaniel*
8. Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?; Mindy Kaling

9. Naomi and Ely’s no-kiss list, Rachel Cohn and David Levitan

10. Lunch Money; Andrew Clements*
11. The Walking Dead Vol. 1; Robert Kirkman, et al

12. Olive Kitteridge; Elizabeth Strout
13. Serenity: Those Left Behind; Joss Whedon, et al

14. Serenity: Better Days; Joss Whedon, et al

15: The Angel’s Game, Carlos Ruiz Zafon
16. You’re Not Doing It Right; Michael Ian Black

17. Mom’s Cancer; Brian Fies

18. Spiderwoman Origins: Brian Michael Bendis, et al

19. The Kid; What Happened After My Boyfriend and I Decided to Go Get Pregnant; Dan Savage

20. Swamplandia!: Karen Russell
21. Zombie Spaceship Wasteland: Patton Oswalt
22. Beginner’s Love; Norma Klein*

23. MWF Seeking BFF; Rachel Bertsche
24. Maphead; Ken Jennings

 25. Jessi’s Gold Medal; Ann M. Martin*
26. The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate; Jacqueline Kelly

27. Swerve: Aisha Tyler
28. The Lover’s Dictionary; David Levithan

29. The Family Fang; Kevin Wilson
30. Imperfection; Lillith Duvalie

31. Belle Teal; Ann M. Martin*
32. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children; Ransom Riggs

33. Athletic Shorts; Chris Crutcher
34. Torchwood: Into the Silence; Sarah Pinborough

35. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9, Vol.1; Joss Whedon, et al
36. Buffy the Vamoire Slayer Season9, Vol 2; Georges Jeanty, et al


36 Books? I can’t remember the last time I read fewer than 40 books. Hopefully I’ll read more in 2013. I am in the middle of two books at the moment and I have a huge TBR stack. Fingers crossed I can get to them!




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3 Responses to Books read in 2012

  1. Sarah says:

    I just started The Kid this morning! Glad you recommend it.

  2. All the kids I teach have been raving about The Fault in our Stars, but I just can’t bring myself to read it. Is it horribly depressing? I just don’t know how to get into the right frame of mind for a story about kids I’m pretty certain aren’t going to make it….

    • nikkihb says:

      It is a little depressing. But honestly, it’s so well-written that it doesn’t matter. It really is a beautiful book, definitely John Green’s best. (Even better than Looking for Alaska which i loved so hard.)

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