Help me decide

I not only went to the used book store last week, but today I cleaned out under my bed and found two bags full of books that I had bought who knows how long ago. I buy these books with the best intentions….but then rarely end up reading them (much less blogging about them).

BUT I am making a good faith effort to do more book reviews and be a better little blogger than I have been. So I narrowed my next post down to seven contenders. You vote for what you want me to review next. I’m way too indecisive.


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6 Responses to Help me decide

  1. Caterina says:

    OMG Norma Klein! ❤ Her "Love is One of the Choices" is part of my personal canon.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Ann M. Martin with a commanding lead. Are you Imamaryanne in the fanfiction universe? If so big fan.

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