“What the junk?” Or, Lumberjanes

I’m giving you guys an early Christmas present. (If you celebrate Christmas, that is. Otherwise, it’s just a year-end gift.) Here’s the present: A recommendation to read Lumberjanes.

Image courtesy of Boom Studio.

Image courtesy of Boom Studio.

Image courtesy of Boom Studios.

Image courtesy of Boom Studios.

Lumberjanes is an 8-part comic series from Boom Studios, and it. Is. Amazing.

Lumberjanes follows the adventures of the five girls (Jo, Mal, Molly, Ripley & April) of Roanoke Cabin at Camp Lumberjanes. They’re best friends and they take their friendship very seriously. Like, to the max seriously. They  have a lot of creepy adventures at camp involving scary supernatural foxes and yetis and a bear-woman and all kinds of monsters that their counselor (the ever-suffering Jen) can’t believe actually exist.

There’s a lot of ass-kicking and a lot of teamwork and a ton of strong female friendship. There was a description of this as Buffy meets Gravity Falls, and I can’t think of any way to put it that’s more apt. It’s got the ass-kickiness and sassiness of any episode of Buffy, inside a plot that is Gravity Falls-esque.

The writing is fun, the art is adorable, the characters are spunky, the plot quirky but surprisingly deep. What’s not to love about this series? It’s a never-ending delight.

In great Lumberjanes news, Boom has announced that the series was recently upgraded from being an eight-issue run to an ongoing series. Lumberjanes could go on forever!

And listen. It wasn’t just that I loved it, my husband read it and loved it, and my eight year old son read it (he read all eight issues in one day) and loved it. AND he read it just days after he told me, “I don’t like books with girl characters so much.”

So. Merry Christmas. You’re welcome.


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4 Responses to “What the junk?” Or, Lumberjanes

  1. Can we borrow these for H?

  2. Katy Bug says:

    That sounds really good! Thank you for the recommendation. I’ll have to look into these. 🙂

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