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“We’re making other plans for you,” or No Place For Me

Barthe DeClements is most well-known for her books Nothing’s Fair in Fifth Grade, and Sixth Grade Can Really Kill You.  But I actually prefer this book over either of those (but not as much as Double Trouble, which technically takes place in … Continue reading

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“My parents are acting weird,” or, P.S. Longer Letter Later

  This is weird. I thought for sure I had read this book when I was a teenager, but as I started reading it, I realized it wasn’t familiar at all. The copyright date is 1998 – when I was … Continue reading

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How I Paid for College: a Novel of Sex, Theft, Friendship & Musical Theater

Do you have a book that you’ve read, that you love to a possibly unhealthy degree?  And for whatever reason, you try to get other people to read it and no one ever does because A) They haven’t heard a … Continue reading

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"She scared me something terrible….." or Rabble Starkey

  That’s right, bitches.  It’s my 100th post.  Thanks for reading, I never thought I’d make it this far and I wouldn’t have if it hadn’t been for all the kind comments.  Now, on to the next 100…..   Thanks … Continue reading

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"We break through to a child…but we must use what we have." Or Beloved Benjamin is Waiting.

When I was a kid, I never EVER wanted to read books with any type of sci-fi/fantasy element to them.  So when my sister (Hi Carrie!) tried to talk me in to reading Beloved Benjamin is Waiting and told me … Continue reading

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"There’s a better chance that she ran away….."or Missing Since Monday

First things first: Caroline from Sheep are In. You’re the lucky winner of the two Judy Blume books! Email me nhboisture(at)gmail(dot)com and send me your address. I’ll get you the books as soon as possible. Congratulations! Missing Since Monday is … Continue reading

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"Maybe I really will be a famous author one day…" or Dear Mr. Henshaw

I’m kind of unsure what to think of this book. I remember NOT liking it when I read it in fourth grade. I only read it because I was all kinds of into the Ramona books and I decided to … Continue reading

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"I fit in fine back where I belong…" or Up Country

Can we start off talking about this cover art? Poor Carl is sitting there, in the snow, all alone. He does have that magnificent head of hair. Did I love him a little bit when I was 15? Indeed I … Continue reading

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"I will brave the gravest dangers of the enchanted wood…." or Daphne’s Book

Snark-free zone here. I totally love this book in a true, non-ironic way. Have I been a little too heavy on the Mary Downing Hahn recently? That’s only because I found a treasure trove at the Friends of the Library … Continue reading

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"The brain, the brain, the center of the chain…."Or The Baby Sitter’s Club Movie

I’m so lazy. I just finished reading Jacob Have I Loved, but I didn’t take notes on it. So I took the lazy-man way out. I watched a movie to recap. Of course it is the BSC movie, so it … Continue reading

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