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“They’re just as I imagined,” Or The Animal, The Vegetable & John D. Jones

Before I begin, look at this cover. My three year old son looked at it and asked if the kid sitting down in Harry Potter. Dark hair, round glasses ….. I can see it. I’ve mentioned before that Betsy Byars … Continue reading

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Tiger Eyes: The Movie

Way back in 2009, I wrote about getting my copy of Tiger Eyes signed by Judy Blume at the National Book Festival. Judy (I call her by her first name because we’re pals now (no we’re not)) told me that … Continue reading

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“Life makes me sneeze.” or Welcome to the BSC, Abby

By the time Abby Stevenson came along, I was no longer reading BSC books. When my then-boyfriend (now husband) started managing a Walden Books back in the late nineties, I discovered that Dawn, who I’d never really liked all that … Continue reading

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"All I could think was ‘What do we do now?’" Or California Diaries #12

 I truly love this cover.  Image courtesy of Goodreads. Many of you warned me about this one.  You said that it would be sad, and that I’d cry.  And you know what?  You were so right.  One of my favorite … Continue reading

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"In the midst of life, we are in death." or The Borning Room

Georgina Caroline Lott is eight and a half years old at the beginning of this novel.  The year is 1859, and Georgina, the youngest of five children growing up on an Ohio farm, is terrified of the fact that her … Continue reading

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"This town’s dead as a doornail." Or, Ghosts Beneath Our Feet Harris is excited for the summer.  Just eight months after the death of her stepfather, Katie’s mom decides to take the summer with Katie and her stepbrother, Jay, in the small town of Newquay, 400 miles north of their … Continue reading

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Classic post: No More Saturday Nights

Apologies readers!  A few posts ago I admitted to being pregnant.  Now is where I admit to having a rough first trimester, leaving me little time/energy to blog.  In the meantime, enjoy this post from nearly two years ago.  My … Continue reading

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