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“How could you? Isn’t one enough?” Or, Superfudge

This is kind of a cool post for me. My eight year old is a really enthusiastic reader and a total bookworm. But this past summer, I realized he hasn’t been reading any chapter books. He’s mostly stuck to comic … Continue reading

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Tiger Eyes: The Movie

Way back in 2009, I wrote about getting my copy of Tiger Eyes signed by Judy Blume at the National Book Festival. Judy (I call her by her first name because we’re pals now (no we’re not)) told me that … Continue reading

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Classic Post: It’s Not the End of the World

Yesterday, my five year old was asking question after question after question.  It gets a little old at times, and he stopped short when my husband and I seemed to get a little impatient.  Then I felt like the worst … Continue reading

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"I keep my bad points to myself." or Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great

Thanks to Goodreads for the image. Judy Blume rocks.  Duh, right?  We’ve already had this conversation a million times.  So I can stop telling you all how hard Judy rocks my world.   I will admit something though.  I wasn’t … Continue reading

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Judy Blume Love. And a Judy Blume giveaway

I swear, I have pictures of the National Book Festival. I just can’t upload them at the moment because they’re on my computer and I’m writing this from my husband’s computer. If I get a chance this weekend, I’ll edit … Continue reading

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"I watched her until the lights went out…." or Then Again Maybe I Won’t

Happy Banned Books Week everyone! It’s my favorite time of the year. When I get to pester people to no end about the scourge of censorship in American Libraries. The ALA (American Library Association) has lists each year of books … Continue reading

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"Eat it or wear it!…"or Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

Hello first chapter book I ever read. Yes, I’m talking to you Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. I read you for the first time when I was in second grade. I asked my mom if it was OK to … Continue reading

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