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“Do you hear noises at night?” or, Took

I didn’t realize that Mary Downing Hahn is still writing and publishing books! In my mind, her books firmly belong in the 1980’s and 90’s. So imagine my surprise when I saw this book at my kids’ Scholastic Book Fair … Continue reading

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“Why had she buried the doll?” Or, The Doll in the Garden

Ten (Almost eleven) year old Ashley and her mom are moving from Baltimore to the small town of Monkton Mills, Maryland for a fresh start following Ashley’s father’s death. They are renting an apartment that’s on the top floor of … Continue reading

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“I really thought she was older.” or The Jellyfish Season

I barely remember this book.  I must have gotten it from the library as a kid,because any Mary Downing Hahn book I owned was read over and over and over again. Kathleen Foster is twelve years old and the oldest … Continue reading

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"I’d rather be a bum than give up my dreams." or December Stillness

It’s been a while since I’ve done any Mary Downing Hahn. Thanks to Goodreads for the image. I’m a little disappointed.  There are a few books that I’ve been holding on to for my blog, but have been afraid to … Continue reading

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"You always make her go away. You’ll be sorry!" or Wait Till Helen Comes

First things first: total mullet alert on the cover! I mean, I get that it was 1986 when this book was published, but holy shit that is one fine child-sized mullet on Heather. When most people think of Mary Downing … Continue reading

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An MDH signature??? For real?

So I got the book Time for Andrew by Mary Downing Hahn from a used book store and reviewed it oh…about a month or so ago. I lent the book to a woman at work who has two sons who … Continue reading

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"I will brave the gravest dangers of the enchanted wood…." or Daphne’s Book

Snark-free zone here. I totally love this book in a true, non-ironic way. Have I been a little too heavy on the Mary Downing Hahn recently? That’s only because I found a treasure trove at the Friends of the Library … Continue reading

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"I feel like I’m losing my grip"…or The Wind Blows Backward

First of all, can we talk about this cover? Look at the guy. Hair slicked back, earring, motorcycle. Do I need to tell you how hot and bothered my sixteen year-old self got just looking at this? I can’t really … Continue reading

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"I’ll become a total pantywaist"… or Time for Andrew

I couldn’t remember if I read this one or not as a kid. Then I looked at the copyright, which is 1994, so I almost certainly did not read it. I was 17 in 1994, and too old for this … Continue reading

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"He sure is good looking," or Following the Mystery Man

This is another book by Mary Downing Hahn I read as a kid, which I can only really remembered because it took place in Maryland. In fact, not did it only take place in my home state, it took place … Continue reading

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