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What if the BSC were on Wet Hot American Summer?

Sorry (no I’m not). You know I’ve spent way too much of my life reading and re-reading Babysitters Club books. And I’ve spend the last few weeks watching and rewatching Wet Hot American Summer.  This is the stupid result. Kristy Thomas … Continue reading

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Tiger Eyes: The Movie

Way back in 2009, I wrote about getting my copy of Tiger Eyes signed by Judy Blume at the National Book Festival. Judy (I call her by her first name because we’re pals now (no we’re not)) told me that … Continue reading

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Classic Post: At the Movies

Roger Ebert died today. In his honor, I am reposting this blog I wrote in August 2010 about his show, At the Movies. I credit Ebert, along with his sidekicks Gene Siskel and Richard Roeper with teaching me that movies are … Continue reading

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“Mom, Dad. I’ve quit graduate school to become a racecar driver”. Or, A Very Brady Christmas

I was crazy for the Brady’s growing up, and only in a partially ironic way. I don’t know why, but the Brady Bunch brought a lot of comfort to me, even when I knew the show was ridiculous and trite. … Continue reading

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At the Movies: 1975-2010

In 1994, I was seventeen years old.  One evening I was up late, flipping through the TV channels and I stumbled across the show At the Movies with Siskel and Ebert.  I’d never actually watched the show before, but I … Continue reading

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