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“The Sun is Gonna Surely Shine”….or, Blossom

There are a handful of pop culture items that I strongly associate with my childhood and adolescence. I’ve covered a shitload of them here, from the BSC, to Judy Blume, and even non-book nostalgia like Roseanne, Pump Up the Volume, and … Continue reading

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“Everywhere you look,” or, Fuller House

*Minor spoilers ahead* It’s no surprise Netflix wanted to cash in on the nostalgia-fueled success of Disney Channel’s Girl Meets World. Full House was the logical choice for them, because literally NO ONE cares what Urkel or the family from … Continue reading

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“My attraction to Mo was become more than brotherly” Or, Growing Up Brady

I’ve mentioned this before, but I was a little bit of a Brady nut when I was a teenager. It may have been my first geek-obsession. I don’t know why – I fully realized that the show was ridiculous and … Continue reading

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“Mom, Dad. I’ve quit graduate school to become a racecar driver”. Or, A Very Brady Christmas

I was crazy for the Brady’s growing up, and only in a partially ironic way. I don’t know why, but the Brady Bunch brought a lot of comfort to me, even when I knew the show was ridiculous and trite. … Continue reading

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More Doctor Who

I’m sorry. Two Doctor Who posts in one month? I basically got my fewest hits ever on a post (and no comments) the last time I posted about Doctor Who.  So clearly, no one really cares. But I do. And … Continue reading

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Doctor Who: Asylum of the Daleks

Doctor Who’s Season Seven premiere.  I have SO. MANY. FEELINGS. So a quick recap with spoliers: (beware!) The Doctor along with a newly divorced Amy and Rory (what the fuck is up with THAT?) are kidnapped and taken on board … Continue reading

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