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SPX 2014

This past weekend I took my son (almost 8 y.o.) to the Small Press Expo.  We went last year, and I wrote about it, and how I got to meet Raina Telgemeier and listen to her on a panel with Gene … Continue reading

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“Our toothbrushes together….” Or, Someone to Love

Once upon a time, I read a Y.A. book about a girl who falls in love with a boy and it turns out the boy is a ghost. And he has some ridiculous name – I think it was Tuesday. … Continue reading

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Help me decide

I not only went to the used book store last week, but today I cleaned out under my bed and found two bags full of books that I had bought who knows how long ago. I buy these books with … Continue reading

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Classic Post: Jennifer, Hecate, Macbeth, William McKinley, and me, Elizabeth

I know. Two classic posts in a row? I just found out that E.L. Konigsburg died today and I wanted to honor her by reposting this, which I had originally posted in March 2010. Rest in Peace, Ms. Konisburg! Image … Continue reading

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“Ten is the prime of life.” Or Anastasia Krupnik

I don’t know how I’ve managed to not write about an Anastasia Krupnik book yet. A while ago, The Unprofessional Critic did a guest post for me on Anastasia at This Address. But, for whatever reason, I haven’t gotten around … Continue reading

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Books read in 2012

I resolve to blog more in 2013. I know I was a shitty blogger in ’12, and I promise to not let that happen again. In a few days, I have a surprise look back at a piece of 1980’s … Continue reading

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Because fuck cancer. That’s why.

Last summer I wrote a post where I talked about a douchebag street artist who rolled his eyes at my love of the written word.  I concluded the post by talking about what an awesome lady my mom is. And … Continue reading

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I think it’s pretty obvious that I’m having trouble continuing this blog as it is. I’m wondering if the project of re-reading old books and commenting on them has run its course. Or, rather, it’s just my lack of time. … Continue reading

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D is the word

Soooo….hey. How’s everyone been? I know, I’ve been a great big slacker when it comes to posting and for that, I apologize. Also, I haven’t read a book to review for your entertainment, and I am feeling a little guilty … Continue reading

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Books read, 2011

Here’s a list of the books I read in 2011.  The books marked with an asterisk were read for this blog, the books in bold are books I recommend.  Usually I read in the neighborhood of sixty books a year.  … Continue reading

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