SPX 2014

This past weekend I took my son (almost 8 y.o.) to the Small Press Expo.  We went last year, and I wrote about it, and how I got to meet Raina Telgemeier and listen to her on a panel with Gene Luen Yang.

Telgemeier has a new book out (which is awesome) and she was back at SPX this year.

The difference between this year and last year is that my son is now an independent reader. And he’s decided that he wants to be an author (AND a videogame designer) when he grows up. But still, he’s an eight year old kid, and the idea of sitting and listening to grownups speak at a panel held little to no interest for him.

I made him come with me anyway, but I gave him my phone so he could play Angry Birds or whatever to keep himself entertained. About ten or fifteen minutes into the panel, I looked over and I realized that not only was he not playing on my phone, he was using the phone to record the session.

He recorded right up until my phone battery died -about 25 minutes. And he was so enthusiastic that we got home and he immediately re-watched the bit that he had recorded. Having a kid who not only can read, but is an enthusiastic reader is really an amazing thing. He even took Smile to school today for reading choice.

Anyway, I spent too much money on comics and graphic novels this weekend, but at least I got them all signed. I got Telgemeier to sign my copy of Mary Anne Saves the Day, the graphic novel.

Comic writers have the BEST autographs.

Comic writers have the BEST autographs.

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  1. Akilah says:

    That is so awesome. On levels.

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