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“Too much shirts” Or Pod Meets World

Um…Hi? It’s been exactly two years to the day since I last posted here. “But Nikki, I thought this blog was dead.” Turns out, it’s only mostly dead. Sometimes there’s nostalgia news that so big and so amazing that I … Continue reading

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Baby Sitters Club on Netflix

By now, there have been about a million reviews of the new Baby-Sitters Club series on Netflix and they’re all great. I don’t know that I have anything else to report. All the reviews are correct, this is an amazing … Continue reading

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Paperback Crush

OK, guys. I’m coming out of my year and a half long blogging retirement to tell you, no BEG you to read this book. Several years ago, I had the brilliant idea to turn this old blog here into book. … Continue reading

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All we have is what’s between hello and goodbye

I’ve been plugging away at this blog for over nine years. NINE years! Granted for the last five, my blogging rate has dropped precipitously. And the all the posts I’ve done in the last couple years haven’t been enjoyable to … Continue reading

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“The Sun is Gonna Surely Shine”….or, Blossom

There are a handful of pop culture items that I strongly associate with my childhood and adolescence. I’ve covered a shitload of them here, from the BSC, to Judy Blume, and even non-book nostalgia like Roseanne, Pump Up the Volume, and … Continue reading

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“Guess who barfed in the rented van?” Or, Sea City Here We Come!

At some point, the BSC books became crazy-ass bonkers. Pretty sure it started with Mary Anne’s Makeover but who knows? I just finished reading Super Special #10; Sea City, Here We Come!, and I’m still not entirely clear on what all … Continue reading

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“Everybody wants a rock to wind a piece of string around.”

I’m not sure if I can even tell the difference between pointless nostalgia and meaningful nostalgia anymore. A conversation with my husband last night led me to listening to They Might Be Giants’ 1990 album Flood while I was working … Continue reading

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"I fit in fine back where I belong…" or Up Country

Originally posted on Are You There Youth? It's Me, Nikki:
Can we start off talking about this cover art? Poor Carl is sitting there, in the snow, all alone. He does have that magnificent head of hair. Did I…

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Books Read 2016

2016 blew. But I managed to read fifty-one books. I read a lot of good things, but very few things that absolutely blew me away. On the other hand, I only read one book that I absolutely loathed, so that’s … Continue reading

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“Do you hear noises at night?” or, Took

I didn’t realize that Mary Downing Hahn is still writing and publishing books! In my mind, her books firmly belong in the 1980’s and 90’s. So imagine my surprise when I saw this book at my kids’ Scholastic Book Fair … Continue reading

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