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“Do you hear noises at night?” or, Took

I didn’t realize that Mary Downing Hahn is still writing and publishing books! In my mind, her books firmly belong in the 1980’s and 90’s. So imagine my surprise when I saw this book at my kids’ Scholastic Book Fair … Continue reading

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“Why had she buried the doll?” Or, The Doll in the Garden

Ten (Almost eleven) year old Ashley and her mom are moving from Baltimore to the small town of Monkton Mills, Maryland for a fresh start following Ashley’s father’s death. They are renting an apartment that’s on the top floor of … Continue reading

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"This town’s dead as a doornail." Or, Ghosts Beneath Our Feet Harris is excited for the summer.  Just eight months after the death of her stepfather, Katie’s mom decides to take the summer with Katie and her stepbrother, Jay, in the small town of Newquay, 400 miles north of their … Continue reading

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"I had stumbled in to the lower astral plane….." or Double Trouble

Fourteen year old twins, Faith and Phillip O’Keefe have been separated.  Their parents and older sister were killed in a car accident four months earlier.  Faith is sent to live with her Aunt Linda, an older spinster, who can’t take … Continue reading

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In every generation a slayer is born.

Are you ready to watch me get all crazy fangirly?   It’s another one of my very infrequent non-book reviews! If you asked me what my favorite TV shows ever are, for the last few years my answer would have … Continue reading

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"I’ve seen several haunts and been one myself." or Ghosts I Have Been

Not the best image, and not really the cover I wanted.  Image courtesy of Goodreads. It’s the year 1914 and fourteen year old Blossom Culp’s life is about to change.  Right now, she’s just a girl from the wrong side … Continue reading

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"An eerie glow was beginning to fill the dollhouse"….or The Dollhouse Murders

  Thanks to Goodreads for the image! I’m actually kind of pissed that the cover to this book has been updated.  Thank God for Goodreads having all the cover images on hand so you guys can bask in the early-80’s … Continue reading

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"We break through to a child…but we must use what we have." Or Beloved Benjamin is Waiting.

When I was a kid, I never EVER wanted to read books with any type of sci-fi/fantasy element to them.  So when my sister (Hi Carrie!) tried to talk me in to reading Beloved Benjamin is Waiting and told me … Continue reading

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"You always make her go away. You’ll be sorry!" or Wait Till Helen Comes

First things first: total mullet alert on the cover! I mean, I get that it was 1986 when this book was published, but holy shit that is one fine child-sized mullet on Heather. When most people think of Mary Downing … Continue reading

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