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What if the BSC were on Wet Hot American Summer?

Sorry (no I’m not). You know I’ve spent way too much of my life reading and re-reading Babysitters Club books. And I’ve spend the last few weeks watching and rewatching Wet Hot American Summer.  This is the stupid result. Kristy Thomas … Continue reading

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Books read: 2014

I finished The Cuckoo’s Calling last night with just a couple hours left in the new year! As always, books read for the blog are asterisked* and books I highly recommend are bolded. 1. Wonder When You’ll Miss Me; Amanda … Continue reading

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Book rant

I’m taking a break from my usual nostalgia to bring you a rant on an entirely different type of book. Celebrity parenting books. Parenting is big business, and there is no shortage of books and blogs out there to make … Continue reading

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Books read 2013

  Image from Goodreads   Yes, there are a few days left of the year. But I’m going to be pretty busy, so I doubt I’ll be able to finish another book this year. So here’s my annual list of … Continue reading

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Random BSC thought

Random thought is random Why did Watson live in such a big house? Even before he married Kristy’s mom, he lived in a house with far more bedrooms than a guy with two part-time kids needs. After #24, here are … Continue reading

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Do we really need to stop these words?

Lately I’ve been noticing an increasing trend of people who are really upset over words and phrases popularly used on the internet. The Bloggess (who I LOVE) wrote this recently, and while this was mostly tongue-in-cheek and offered some very … Continue reading

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Oh, Facebook

People think I’m a grammar stickler, but really I’m not.  I notice grammatical errors, but I very rarely point them out. If you spend any amount of time on Facebook, chances are that you, too, come across more grammatical errors … Continue reading

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